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Steve MacQuillin

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Hello to everyone. My name is Steve MacQuillin. I have just joined this forum and hope to gain some knowledge from people who know a thing or two. I have a couple of series 3 109's LWB, one is up and running in green and black camo. The other is still off road, waiting for the sun to shine so i can get on with some restoration, although it is in better condition than the one i am driving. Just like to get it through the MOT and maybe give it a new coat of paint, but looking more towards the desert camo or the plain sand colour. Been collecting anything military since a young age. Now have had to stop with the uniforms and deac's as no more room in the house. Got out of medals because of the amount of good copy's on the market. So now have got into vehicles, could be more expensive though. The 109 i am driving at the moment has a complete clansman radio set up in the back, hate to think how much i have spent on that. Still gives me a great deal of fun when i am out in it and that's what it's all about. Hope i have given you all a little in-site as to my mentality. lol. Hoping to have some fun on here, and hope to hear from some of you soon.


All the best


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