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M201 jeep graveyard africa


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Mouthwatering.............. not that far in real terms from Australia though boys?.........you might be surprised at what you could get a container on a ship for.........then all you gotta do is a little trip there first with a wad of cash to fill it up .....and probably another larger wad of cash to grease the right palms to let you have it :cool2:

by the side of the one Halftrack is a quad .50 mount too.........thats gotta be worth a mint on it's own....

...thinking of it....I reckon I've seen a post somewhere on a fella recovering one of these halftracks from this scrapyard?.........mmmm where?....

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I was working in Djibouti about 10 years ago for Shell oil, lots of french legion out there, and plenty of jeeps buzzing around in civvy hands, sadly i didn't get this scrap yard! we did join the legionnaires celebrating bastille day, still have a hangover!

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