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Jeep just about finished


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Well its been a bit of a slog, but I got the gearbox fixed and fitted. Im probably going to strip her bare over the winter but as the paint got a bit greasy and scuffed during mechanical exersions I thought Id give her a quick blow over. Just to see out the summer you understand. Fitting her out as a British truck. (huzzah !) From the Phantom GHQ Liason detatchment attatched to 50th Division. Theres a story there but its a bit self indulgent. Finally FINALLY got to spin around the block a few times in the sunshine.

The Field Pack Radio, dosnt contain a "radio" as such, well not yet but that will be another project (Unless anyones got one hanging about ?)




Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Im quite a chuffed little first time Jeep owner.

Massive thanks to all who have answered my questions and offered support !


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Oil leak perhaps?


i cant talk though. I put gallons of the stuff in my Jeep and it all comes out again quite quickly. At least mine wont rust as everything is constantly dripping in oil.

im with you on that mate, been there too .just had major work done , so hopefully ok now ...............

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Well I can't say too much either, just had to completely and fully have my jeep engine rebuilt TWICE in 1800 miles. moral of that story is never believe a mate who says he can rebuild your engine unless you know better! Usual schoolboy mistakes inside the engine, my fault, I should have followed my instincts and had it done professionally. (however I did pay him also! )

You live and learn

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Looking good.well done,

what mechanical issues did you have?


Well the lists quite extensive as the previous owner was not too diligent with the old maintenance or lubrication schedule.

Recent big issue was the gearbox having eaten itself !. Had to strip the lot out, rebuild it, which was as big a project as I've ever attempted. Having said that, once I undertook to have a go myself, it turned out to be quiet an easy task, reckon I could strip and assemble a gearbox in an hour now :-D. (I say easy, it was quite a daunting task at first).

Again lots of great advice and encouragement from the chaps on the forums here and some true inspiration from Jessie the Jeep/Steves' thread about his rebuild and John Bartons sublime photo series on how to do it right.

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