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New member interested in snow trac machines


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Ahem, well it was me that pointed Rory here .....;)


Ten years back I would have suggested Rory look for a Weasel, but they are rare and expensive now, not to mention track problems. Snow Tracs are not that uncommon, straightforward to fix, and there are a few owners on here, hence me suggesting it might be the machine for Rory.


Got any limitations Rory ? does your project need to be trailer-able, light, economical, fit in a garage ?



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Welcome to The Forum Rory . PM sent .


What information are you looking for other than info leading to a find ?


Further to Gordons post below . My ST goes on our plant trailer (which is somewhere around 12' long x 6' wide) easily - it projects over the sides by around an inch and a half and is an exact fit lengthwise and driving it on is nowhere near as terrifying as loading on to the original Snow Trac transport trailer which was the exact size of the vehicles footprint . In standard form it has the industrial version of the VW boxer four driving through the VW bus gearbox so economy is pretty good for this type of vehicle and the roof escape hatch on mine just scrapes under the up and over garage door(providing I remember to take the beacon off the roof as well !) so storage is not much of a problem either .


Any questions , just ask away .


Oh yes..............they're huge amounts of fun too.....:-D

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Thanks for the replies,


Size, transport, storage etc are no problem,


I just fancied one for a project, something a bit different.


It doesn't have to be a snow trac, I emailed about the machine on milweb, what is it worth?


I'm not in any rush so I can keep an eye out.



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