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my project truck.


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i think it's chopped and changed a fair bit, it's green but not by paint and has been standing near the sea side for 5 years. truck.jpg it did not want to go on the trailer, i was a bit under staffed at that point and had two flats on the spare 101fc wheels set. laden--jedeedhetfout.jpg the internals are gone in the rear, same as some crossplate material, a lpg tank is fitted where the spare cabinet used to be. thinking of making a camper vehicle with military externals in sand and olive drab. atleast it's going back on the road.

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i like the front mud guards they almost look like they should be standard fit,also the foot step built into front bumper looks neat so at least all the things done look like they have been thought about and done well,mine was easy to get up to scratch but gs models are easier to work on so good luck with her.

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it's a him, its called Big Yin, came from scotland and moved to lincs. i am going to loose the power steering, big wheels arches ..

keeping the extra step wich indeed looks nice and the big holes where the arches used to sit.

electrics are good, seats are bad and i have rhd steering set waiting. hydro winch is comming off as it was not included in the deal. the rest was scrap to her and i got to keep it. fair deal.

it's registered as plg,C license needed to drive it, and keeping it on uk plates.

the internals from the rear where used to complete the 101fc ambu from my dad.



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