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Much Marcle Steam Rally, Worcestershire to Beltring on 16/7/07


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I can't find the dates for Much Marcle Steam Rally anywhere yet, but I'm hoping it will be on 14 -15/7/07

I normally leave on the Sunday evening, sleep in a lay by half way overnight, then continue on Monday morning.

This year I will be travelling in convoy with at least one friend.

I will be driving a Mk3 Militant Recovery towing a Samson on a 10 ton recovery trailer.

Pete will be driving a Mk1 Militant towing a 10/30 ton recovery dolly.

We've also got one more possible and one likely Mk3 militants

I doubt if we will find a lay by big enough to all get in, so we will probably travel all day Monday.

Top speed/cruising speed of the Mk1 is around 30mph so that will be our convoy speed.

I will be a lot slower than that on some of the hills, so I may drop back then catch up again later. I can do 45mph on the flat with a long enough run up.

If anyone wants to travel with us (bearing in mind we should have 4 breakdown trucks and 4 mechanics in our convoy) let me know, it doesn't have to be an AEC.

Once I find out the details for Much Marcle I will post them here so if anyone wants to enter they can and we can all set off together.or we can meet up on the way.

Usual route is Much Marcle - Gloucester - A419 to Swindon - M4 to Reading - cut across to the M3 - M25 - A21. However, as this is the first time we have taken the slower Mk1, we may try to avoid motorways.

We could have a half way break at the REME museum on the way.

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We've gone back to the original plan, except that it is Stourport-on-Severn Steam Rally on 14 - 15/7/07.

We've lost one of the Mk3 Militants, he will be going down to Beltring a week before us, that leaves two Mk3s and a Mk1.

We will be at Bromyard Gala the weekend before. If anyone wants to do Bromyard, then Stourport, then travel down to Beltring with us in convoy we may be able to provide parking for the week in between if it saves you some travelling.

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Well, with a slight change of plan, we ended up with three Militants travelling down on Tuesday.


Poptopshed's just sent me some photos he took during the week.


This is my favourite and sums up Militant ownership well.




From left to right;

Grumpy's Mk3 towing a Rubery Owen 10 ton recovery trailer.

My Mk3 towing Militant Pete's Samson on a Weeks 10 ton recovery trailer

Militant Pete's Mk1 towing my 10/30 ton dummy axle recovery dolly.


As if that wasn't good enough, we have already started planning for next year.

All very provisional at the moment, but if we can get all those who have shown an interest in a convoy to meet up on the way, we should have the same three again, plus two more Mk3 Militants, an Explorer and a Zil.

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