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Hello from RADAR

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Ive just moved to Norfolk to look after my Elderley Mother.She has a small holding with a big barn she is going to let me use as a workshop.

I am currentley working on a Sankey Generator/Trailer 6 Kva 3/4 ton widetrack.

my next project is a FFR Landrover.

My Main collection is anything Army Communications Related,and optical equipment.

My Electronic Projects are....

Beady Eye..A passive radar ESM system usually fitted to a DAFF 4 ton Truck, Ex 14 sig Regiment.

Plessey Vampire...A Direction finding radio system.

Siemens plessey VIXEN radio intercept system. as fitted to Renalt RB44 vehicles.

Thats all folks.


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hi radar,

have you got a landrover or are you going to be looking for 1 anytime soon. There are a fair few people on the forum with the same period vehicles who could pass on good advice if you need it,

keep posting


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Welcome Radar,

to this forum, i know what a sankey and a landrover FFR are but as for the rest :dunno: :dunno: :whistle: i havn`t a clue so please excuse my ignorance.


If you have pictures can you throw a few `orbs` in for Jack ( as he likes these sort of things)


Again welcome





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