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Triumph 3sw ..missing bits ...help

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Found a complete wheel with a front axle, but now I am looking for a Speedo Drive. These two speedo drives are currently on the market, a bit too expensive to buy them and then learn that they don´t fit. Does somebody have more informaton like a part number, which could help me to find the correct one? Some close-up photos of the speedo drive and gear arrangement inside the brake drum would be nice.



haakse teller aandrijving smiths 8mm draaid vrij (1).JPG

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All those angled speedo drives are about the same, apart from the direction of rotation, depending which side the brake plate is. As you look down the slot which turns the cable, it needs to be going clockwise. So you need to hold it in your hand and work out which way the big gear is driving the little gear and determin you have the correct rotation. Some also have a longer thread in case they need to stick out further for the cable to clear a mudguard stay. Peter Long in Germany has the gears for inside the brake drum. http://www.cornucopia-enterprises.de/ Ron

3SW 003.jpg

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I have just traced and purchased a original triumph 3s or 3sw tank from Norway ..My current tank has historically been troublesome and i fancied a second tank so i could have different decals ...Tank is unseen as yet but but i am aware it is in gloss green and I need to remove this so i have been considering options


top of the list is soda blasting .....anyone done it ? and if so can it be done on a domestic compressor


Another alternative is dipping ......I have read mixed reviews with many US sites indicating it can promote corrosion in seams


open to ideas as my previous petrol tank restorations have not been as successful as i hoped


Chris ..AKA Jenkinov

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Chris, soda blasting is fine as it's very gentle on the metal and doesn't matter if any gets inside as it will soon wash out, unlike the risk of grit blasting. But I expect you would struggle with a home compressor. I have my own blasting cabinet but I haven't got the compressor power for anything major. I just use it for Ally or Stainless parts and take anything else to a local bloke who has the proper gear. But I never take oil or petrol tanks.


I strip them myself with paint stripper first. (I bought a gallon of professional stripper from an Auto paint supplier. Modern Nitromoors is useless as it now has to be safe for a toddler to drink). After the paint stripper, I use a rope wire wheel on my angle grinder. If you look at my C10 thread you can see the results of my latest petrol tank refurb. Ron

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