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  1. I purchased the top yoke, so maybe frame and fork might be coming together after 4 years? Still a lot of smaller parts missing, the top attachment for mounting the spring to the top yoke, for example. Is somebody producing the front axle for the 3sw/3hw? I got a "Made in Britain" rear axle and modern Timken Bearings from Ace Classics, but nobody seems to produce a trustworthy front axle.
  2. Nice inner primary cover, which he has for sale. I just received mine back from my welder.
  3. I have seen this part, thanks. Will have a look at his other auctions. I have this top yoke, it bothers me that it is exactly 15cm long, which might, maybe, indicate a replica build in a country using the metric system? The metric length of my lower yoke, the one with the damage in the middle of the main shaft, is only 14,8mm. And at least one of the grease fitting holes seems to be at a different position, compared with your 3sw pictures. No bushing inside this part.
  4. I have this manual, these were made to confuse the enemy, so that they could not repair a captured 3sw, right? The DS6 knob has a tread, this tread is for attaching the mysterious part FS269, as far as I understand. Not for fixing the knob somehow to the head crown nut H94 or even to the lower yoke? Am I correct that the DS6/FS269 combination is only forced down by the H200/H190 steering damper rod? Otherwise it is sitting loose in the head crown nut H94? Edit: I can´t find "FS269" in the manual, only "TS269", just under the DS6 knob. Ok, I understand, they tried to confuse the Ger
  5. Judging by your last photo at least my top nut, the one under the steering damper knob, is correct. How do I identify the correct steering damper knob? This one for example would cost me more then 120 Euros, that would be a little too much for me, if it turns out to be the wrong one.
  6. It is exactly 8"...now, but how long was it originally? Stems cups - are these the "Set of Four Steering Head Bearings + Set Balls Bearings" which Cornucopia (in my neighbourhood) sells for 135 Euros? Guess I need a top yoke first..and then again I need to know how it looks like first.
  7. Very nice photos, very helpful. The only thing which I can´t find in any of the 3sw related posts in this forum seems to be a clear view of the parts which connect the girder fork to the frame. The bottom and top yoke and the smaller parts attached to them. Does the attached photo show a Triumph Tiger 70 / 3sw bottom yoke? How long would be measurement "b" on such a 3sw bottom yoke, as this one might have been chopped? Thanks in advance
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