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MYSTOX TRP tent proofer?


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Not quite sure if this is the right place to ask or if the question has already been asked but here goes anyway.......


I have a 7x9 command post tent that could probably do with reproofing, it seems that MoD use a product called MYSTOX TRP, I have been in contact with the manufacturer who only make it for the MoD in batches of 5tons! They do not have stock nor stockists, my question therefore is how do I get some, does it come onto the surplus market, does anyone have any and how much would I need for a 7x9?


The next question of course is, if all the above fails what else would you recommend?


Thanks in advance.

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Officially it is Mystox W6070/29 & is available to units in slightly smaller quantities as:


H1/8030-99-225-1573 25kg

H1/8030-99-224-9041 50kg


Sounds nasty stuff you must use acid/alkali resistant gloves, similar aprons & goggles, spraying is forbidden. I've never knowingly seen it for sale, I suspect these days stuff beyond it's shelf life is not allowed to be released for general sale. No doubt the manufacturers don't want the responsibility either of allowing the public to get hold of it.

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I suspected from the name alone that it might be nasty stuff, but not aware that it was that bad!


I assume that once applied and dry its not so bad as you wouldn't want to be sleeping among it or handling it when pitching/striking the tent.


I have heard that the brick water proofing is effective and cheap but I have a few places I'd like to put a bit of colour back as well as reproofing. Does anyone have experience of the Warpaint coloured proofer?


The other useful thing with the MYSTOX is that it rotproofs as well, but I suppose good housekeeping and making sure the tent is only packed when dry should take care of that.

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