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Commercial / Civilian 1990 Type Combat Smock?


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It certainly looks almost identical to the 92-93 "Smock, Combat, Temperate, DPM", almost a forerunner of the CS95 smock and using many elements of the subsequent model.......not sure who "CCL" were but you occasionally find similar marked on UK webbing......this was probably made by a MoD contractor but I don't think it's issue.....the reference number on the label isn't a typical MoD example.....


Since the mid-1990s the MoD have actually made a number of official-issue garments in black.......there is a smock and trousers in black ripstop based on the CS95 DPM garments but the smock has epaulettes and an attached "arctic" style hood and no front rank tab, whereas the trousers feature a long pocket on the inside right leg for a truncheon.....and therein lies the clue.....


These were originally developed for MoD Police firearms instructors, subsequently adopted by Police dog handlers and civvy MoD security guards (MGS)......accompanying the suit was a black "Norgie" shirt, a T-shirt plus a pair of lightweight trousers minus the large left leg map-pocket........some of this kit was no doubt adopted by SAS, etc, and it is often sold as such, but the reality is it's MoD civvy issue......!

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