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Hello from Shetland


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Hello. My name is Ian and I live in Shetland, the northernmost point in the British Isles. I recently bought a 1940 Bedford OY Truck which is now in the process of being restored. I believe it was last used about 25 Years ago.


The truck is a tipper but I think still retains the origional wooden back which was mounted on to a tipping frame.


It is still in its wartime paint and has the 21st Army group sign on the front wing also a convoy light above the back axle. There is what appeares to be a batch number or similar painted on the engine cover in the cab.


Any help with history would be much appriciated. I am also in need of a few parts including a passenger seat, if anybody knows of someone with spares


I will try to post a few pics which might be of interest to anyone with a similar truck.


Currently working on the brakes.

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Thanks for the warm welcome to the forum. I will try to post some pictures in the MV restoration area.


Please pass on any thoughts or information that might relate to the truck, in particular, what I believe to be the 21st Army group crest on the wing and the batch etc. number in the cab.


The radiator is out for repair at the moment.


Best Wishes Ian.

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