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  1. Hi. Thanks for you comments. I don't know if it was on milweb, I bought it on eBay at the start of January from a chap in the Poole area. Overall it's a pretty good truck for 72 years old. Finding (10.50 x 16) tyres is a major problem and I might just end up with 9.00 X 20's on standard TK rims beacuse of availability and cost. Regards Ian.
  2. Here are a few photo's of my OY truck currently under renovation. Taken as it arrived home, no brakes so had to pull it carefully into the shed. Up on blocks with the drums off to repair brakes. Wooden box, I think the early ones were all wood so this is possibly the origional, now mounted on a tipper frame. Inside the cab, needs a good tidy up and passengers seat. If anyone has or knows of one please let me know. Does anyone know what the number means in the last photo. Any info welcomed.
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