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Hello from Maryland, USA

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Hello, I'm Joe. I'm a retired heavy equipment mechanic who has always found the machinery of WWII and that of farming fascinating. I now play at restoring vintage Allis Chalmers tractors. I knew of the AC snow tractor but reasently found out about the AC Model B so I joined this forum to find out all I can. I'm also interested in the Cletrac contribution to the war effort. I have found a lot of unwritten info from forums like this and appreciate those willing to share it.

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Welcome Joe,


I've got some Allis Chalmers Snow Tractor spares somewhere - I think I'm down to my last 60 drive sprockets. Sean Spencer in Canada has an M7 and a list of over 30 survivors - we both have M19 trailers for them.


I have a T-36 Iron Fireman here in Scotland, one of four known survivors, and always looking for any information or reports on testing of those too. It has the Cletrac MG series differential unit in it.


welcome again,



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Hello there. We farm angus cattle in Western Victoria. I acquired an HD7 which was refurbished over a twelve month period. Its history is a little obscure. The crucial numbers are covered by heavy metal. We think the conversion may have been done for the army in Australia during 1945 or 46? Had to replace radiator, truck wheels came from half way across the country, new CAT tracks - originals were Allis 'wide'. It now runs beautifully. I know it's the wrong colour! Regards Robert

AC Mar07 s1.jpg

AC Mar07 s2.jpg

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On the subject of Allis tractors, they were very popular here in Australia. Nearby to here there are quite a few unrestored units including a KO crawler with a gaping hole in the crankcase after a minor explosion from inside, several M crawlers, 2 early 'round bale' hay balers, a c1927 E? motor, and many common-or-garden farm varieties including rowcrop. Have photos if you're interested Regards Robert

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