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  1. Hmmm, just a guess but I suspect it's a front axle for a V8 snatch landrover. Withams have been selling off all the spares for the V8 variant. Can't help with the question of the tie rod, but you will need a different propshaft. You need the ,ilitary double cardon version. As an example this e-bay auction shows what you want 281276635175 . But is way overpriced. I got the propshaft from blancchards for around £200 notes but already had the flange fitted. They do come up on e-bay for less there appears to be a Bearmach outlet/clearance shop on e-bay and they sold two recently for less than £100 each. One other thing is that you need a special tool to remove and replace the output flange from the transfer box. I was lucky that my local dealer did it for free but i had to take the old and new transfer boxes to them. I'm not sure if he still uses the name mattblack on here but I know that he has a parts manual for the snatch so if it is a snatch axle he should be able to identify the part numbers for you. Hobson Bros in Lincolnshire also seel on e-nay and the have a full front axle for sale at £750 ish IIRC but they may be able to help with the parts you need. However they aren't cheap as they are used to selling to the mod. One final caution most snatch owners seem to have replaced their as they were duff (even though they can be greased and it looks like the Universal joint can be replace i.e. it's fitted with retaining circlips) so I wouldn't be too keen to buy a used example. :-)
  2. Greeting and welcome on board from a fellow Snatch enthusiast :-) Feel free to post some piccies of your pride and joy(both) :-)
  3. Just wondered if any knows if the REME museum has soldiers service records. My paternal grandfather was supposed to have served in the REME, but I have never confirmed this....
  4. Greetings, and welcome forum the 'true' frozen North :-) According to Google, the latitude of Ontario is 50.7 Deg. N (Toronto being 43.64 Deg. N) , and Wick here in the North of Scotland is 58.45 Deg. N Julian
  5. I'm wondering whether it's taking so long because their hand digging so they don't Skua the aircaft with a JCB bucket
  6. I review nuclear safety documents, posh title is Independent Nuclear Safety Assessment - I tell you they're a reet rivetin' read :cheesy:
  7. I wish they would just get on a find something, I'm just getting fed up with all this Yak, Yak, Yak......
  8. Hi Eric, according to the manufacturers blurb, it is a ballistic comp[osite laminate (termed S-2 Glass) which is 20% lighter than the equivalent steel armour. However this doesn't men it is light. My understanding (as I've never weighed one myself) is that the rear pod of a SNATCH weighs approximately 1 tonne. I do know that my SNATCH weighs just under 3.2 tonnes according to the MoT test station. Consequently the chassis is reinforced to take the extra weight. The vehicle predates the Wolf so the chassis is based on a 'standard' landrover V8 but plated along the full length of the main rails. However other than the reinforced chassis, heavy duty suspension and Salisbury axles front and rear I think a lot of the vehicle is standard parts bin stuff. The bulkhead doesn't have the vents fitted and you effectively have double thickness bulkhead at the front to support the weight of the doors which themselves are very heavy. One seller on flea bay does seem to be including most bits you would require, except the bulkhead.... I can't answer you question wrt the engine as mine is still running the military low compression V8, but I do knowthat latter 'upgrades used a diesel. I think it was the tdi300, but it may have been the Brazilian vesrion which was 'modernised' and upgraded to 2.8 as this engine was fitted to the latest RWMIK+ )at least I think that's the latest spec) and I believe they come in closer to 4.2 tonnes GVW (the SNATCH is about 3.6 tonnes GVW). There are sellers who bought a batches of SNATCHES and advertise them at about £1.5 k, personally I would go this route as you at least can tell the insurance company the chassis, axle and suspension are 'standard' for the vehicle.. Hope that helps, Cheers, Julian
  9. Hi Kevin, well done for taking this on..... Good luck with finding the missing bits. I look forward to seeing your progress. Julian
  10. Hi, If you want good quality drawings and details I don't think you could do much better than the Panzertracts books, No 18 specifically deals with the 38t the following is from the web page of Barbarossa Books SNIP>Development history, unique characteristics, major modifications, data sheets, and armour specifications on PzKpfw 38 (t) Ausf A to G and S production,modification and operational history from 1939 to 1942. Now for the first time, we have compiled an accurate record of the features of each PzKpfw 38 (t) Ausfuehrung. The correct pieces of the puzzle were found through a lot of hard work, research trips to measure and study the survivors, close attention to detail, and help from friends. Over one thousand hours were spent carefully measuring and drawing all the details of surviving PzKpfw 38 (t) chassis and turrets to create accurate four-view drawings of the Ausf B, C, D, E, F, and S and six-view drawings of the Ausf A and G. Extra efforts were also expended to draw details on the chassis and belly. As is our high standard, Panzer Tracts are based solely on the content of primary source documents. The real value of the PzKpfw 38 (t) can be learned by reading the experience reports written by unit commanders close to the time when the actions occurred. This 76 page book is illustrated with 50 drawings and 67 clean/rare photographs with captions that correctly identify the external characteristics of each Ausfuehrung.<SNIP They seem to say they have it in stock, see http://www.barbarossabooks.eu/panzer-tracts-no-18-panzerkampfwagen-38t-p-9207.html I have the ones he's done about the Panther and can't praise them enough. Cheers, Julian
  11. Saw this advert on Milweb and wondered if it's of any use. I believe they are based in the Midlands, which i guess might be a bit far.... [h=4]Tank Driving Training and Tests[/h] Tracklaying test H ,places available on 3-4 octobre 625 plus vat theory practical training on road test DSA examiner, Fully Insured to drive tracked vehicle on your own on the public highway. Very high pass rate 90%.Re test half price. 01295 768400 Standard disclaimer, I have nothing to do with this company etc. Cheers, Julian
  12. Found this site while surfing and thought it might be of interest particularly to the artillery buffs. It seems to have a number of auctions with inert munitions both large caliber, and for people who might be looking for small arms stuff e.g. belts of inert .5 cal. as a taster, you could try this Cheers, Julian
  13. Always relish a chance to stretch myself surfing the net - lol Seems to be a good page on 7RTR on wikipedia (bearing in mind the issues with wikipedia...) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7th_Royal_Tank_Regiment this states that the 7 RTR was captured at Tobruk and the date that Tobruk fell is given as 21/6/42 same date he was captured. Again according to wikipedia 7RTR were part of the Western Desert Force, which did become the 8th Army in September 41. According to a site giving the British Army Order of Battle 32 Tank Brigade were in Tobruk at the time of its capture, and several other bits I have found mention 7RTR being attached to 32 Tank Brigade. So while I haven't found the 'smoking gun' I think it's a fair guess to say that they were attached to this unit. A lot of the references have 7RTR supporting various infantry divisions around late 41 and early 42 which would fit with them being in an independent tank brigade rather than a larger armoured divison. Hope this helps, now to pin down the other missing unit which I would have laid money on being some unit of Royal Yeomanry. Unfortunately none of the lists of yeomanry I find have anything like that combination of initals. Hope the above helps, as always happy to be corrected if my conclusions are wrong :-) Regards, Julian P.S forgot to put a link onto a good site about the history of 4th and 7th RTR see here
  14. Just wondered what distinguishing features identify it as a firefly as (and I may have missed it) the description on the web site didn't say anything? Cheers, Julian
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