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No doubt on the year of build Clive, definitely in early 1950's.


Yes I know that Richard, the FVRDE Design Spec was issued in 1951. I just added the date bit as anyone reading the original post might think there was a general exemption on the basis of weight alone:D

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There is a PDF of the form in the "Reference Documents" section. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?17702-Form-V112G-Goods-Vehicle-Testing-Declaration-of-Exemption

Ultimately you have to make up your own mind. My understanding is that the gross (revenue) weight must be over 3500kg, it must be used unladen and not for hire or reward.

I have to disagree with Clive, as I think it should be exempt, provided it is used as specified.

Note that there is a current DfT consultation for vehicles under 3500kg also becoming MOT exempt. See post #473 http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?16828-MOT-Testing-Exemptions-Consultation-VERY-IMPORTANT/page48

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Just to be clear on this as it affects other things as well, Croc & Richard are quite right, it's 3500 kg GROSS (or in some circumstances 1525 kg unladen). The exemption is under Schedule 2 to the Goods Vehicle (Plating and Testing) Regulations 1988 , clause 30, (http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1988/1478/schedule/2/made) which states:


Motor vehicles first used before 1st January 1960, used unladen and not drawing a laden trailer, and trailers manufactured before 1st January 1960 and used unladen. For the purposes of this paragraph any determination as to when a motor vehicle is first used shall be made as provided in regulation 3(3) of the Construction and Use Regulations.


CU 1986 states:


(3) For the purpose of these Regulations, the date on which a motor vehicle is first used is:

(a)in the case of a vehicle not falling within sub-paragraph (b) and which is registered, the date on which it was registered;

(b)in each of the following cases:

(i)a vehicle which is being or has been used under a trade licence as defined in section 16 of the 1971 Act (otherwise than for the purposes of demonstration or testing or of being delivered from premises of the manufacturer by whom it was made or of a distributor of vehicles, or dealer in vehicles, to premises of a distributor of vehicles, dealer in vehicles or purchaser thereof or to premises of a person obtaining possession thereof under a hiring agreement or hire purchase agreement);

(ii)a vehicle belonging, or which has belonged, to the Crown and which is or was used or appropriated for use for naval, military or air force purposes;

(iii)a vehicle belonging, or which has belonged, to a visiting force or a headquarters or defence organisation to which in each case the Visiting Forces and International Headquarters (Application of Law) Order 1965 applies;

(iv)a vehicle which has been used on roads outside Great Britain before being imported into Great Britain; and

(v)a vehicle which has been used otherwise than on roads after being sold or supplied by retail and before being registered;

the date of manufacture of the vehicle.

In sub-paragraph (b) (v) of this paragraph "sold or supplied by retail" means sold or supplied otherwise than to a person acquiring it solely for the purpose of resale or re-supply for a valuable consideration .

Edited by Sean N
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