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  1. Sounds like the ex Dave Lees ones, see http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?7857-Albion-CX22/page4&highlight=cx22 post #40 and others. If it is, last time I saw it, it was a good running machine, Dave drove it from here to Dorset Steam Fair and back a few years ago. The speed was just to much for him so he bought a steam roller. He had the Albions up for sale but ended up doing a swap for a living van for the roller, to slow him down a bit more.
  2. You might have a point there Duncan, MOD chassis with Home Office cab. What length is the chassis? Just looking at info in handbooks reveals that; RLC (MOD Chassis cab) = 246 inch. RLB RLD (MOD Cargo / Charging body) = 250.4 inch. RLW (MOD Chassis cab with winch) = 249.6 inch. RLF (MOD Cargo body with winch) = 259.6 inch. RLH (Home Office chassis) = 268.1 inch. I think this is an RLC (B/D) chassis as it has the low spare wheel carrier. The extra length in the RLW looks to be due to winch fairleads and the RLF body has the spare wheel fitted between the cab and body (the low spare carrier would foul the winch) causing a longer overhang at the back. The Home Office body is longer but not as wide as the MOD type.
  3. Hi Scott, are you going to make it up to the 2014 Rally? you and your dad have been missing the past couple...
  4. Hi Iain, Hope you are well, we should really organise a pub run to discuss this sort of thing. Your main problem with a trailer behind the Milly, is that if it is used for transport rather than Recovery then the Milly could need testing.:undecided:
  5. A vehicle licenced (Taxed) as Historic can be used laden for personal use. (not sure about commercial without checking.) The pre 1960 MOT / Plating + Testing Exemption only allows unladen use. I have 1967 Bedford RL. It can be licenced as Historic but as it is later than 1960 it needs an annual test. Once tested and licenced it can be used laden. If it was a pre 1960 RL it could be licenced as Historic and used unladen without testing, it would need to be tested to be used laden but would still be licenced as Historic.
  6. What is the chassis no? There should be a chassis plate near the drivers side engine mount and another plate in the glove box.
  7. from "The Traffic Officer's Companion. 18th edition. Gordon Wilson" Construction and use. Maximum width. A trailer drawn by a motor vehicle other than a motor cycle = 2.55 metres. Trailer drawn by motor cycle = 1.5 metres. It is an offence to use, cause or permit the use of an unbraked wheeled trailer if - i, its laden weight exeeds its maximum gross weight. ii, it is drawn by a vehicle of which the kerbside weight is less than twice the weight of the trailer plus its load. Documentation. Goods Vehicles (Plating and Testing) regulations 1988. includes for annual testing "Other trailers, the weight of which, unladen exceeds 1,020kg" There are numerous clauses and exemptions like living vans and stuff manufactured pre 1960. Because of the way the regulations are writen I don't believe it is possible to give a simple answer. So much depends on what the vehicle is, when it was built and how it is being used. You need to take your specific vehicle and trailer, decide how you intend to use it, then apply the regulations to decide if it would be legal to use. As well as the width and test issues, remember driver licence weight limits and the potential need for a tachograph to be fitted.
  8. First weekend in August (3rd/4th) BA Stores, Lynn of Skene, Aberdeenshire.
  9. For one reason or another I never got around to updating this, but as the second event will soon be upon us I had better put up some pictures from the first one. We didn't have that many people turn up but the range of exhibits was quite good, from armour to plant. in no particular order we had; Canadian M37 Dodge Hotchkiss M201 Jeep Ford Jeep Dutch M38A1 Jeep Austin Gipsy Scammell Explorer Morris MRA1 Caterpiller D2 (ex army) Tangye Generator set (ex RAF WW2) Bedford MJ Centurian ARV also a CommerQ4, ThamesE4 and Austin K9 that live onsite. A good time was had by all and we were lucky with the weather with one of the few dry weekends last year.
  10. I was actualy snowed in for a while this morning.
  11. Times for the meet are 10am Saturday to 4pm Sunday. Camping is available Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.
  12. Matt, there is a picture of Dougs ferret, see post #109 of my Explorer blog and some in this thread http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?13206-BA-Stores-Vintage-Working-Weekend-Aberdeenshire&highlight=vintage+working+weekend
  13. I spoke to Allan Brownie at BA earlier on today. Everything is looking good to go, we have the use of the usual wooded area, 4x4 track, tank/heavy off-road area, space for caravans/camping, toilets and water. I am going to go over at the weekend to make some final arrangements with Allan and strim some of the longer grass in the woods.
  14. I hate to bring it up, but aren't Stalwarts overwidth? If so you can't drive one legaly with any licence.
  15. what is the seating capacity? I would have thought that it would be a "heavy motor car" what makes it difficult to test and why do you believe it is exempt?
  16. Just get some contam from a garage, that way it doesn't cost you anything.
  17. Welcome to HMVF, here are a couple of shows you could come to; http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?12040-BA-Vintage-Working-Weekend-Aberdeenshire http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?28138-New-event-in-North-East-Scotland
  18. This years entrys need to be returned by the 21st April, forms can be downloaded at; http://www.bavintageweekend.co.uk/entry.htm
  19. Time for an update. Quite a few people have expressed interest in this, the concencus is that the best format would be an informal weekend gathering with camping available Friday and Saturday nights, bring your own food and drink. Entry will be free but as BA Stores supports various charities, donations would be well recieved. If the weekend is a success then it could be developed in future years, depending on the popularity this year. Although there will not be an "entry list" as such it would be useful if people could post in this thread if they are planning attending and what they might bring.
  20. There were quite a few dealers there who pushed the prices up and ended up with burnt fingers, as they struggled to sell them on. Most of the people who really wanted one bought one at the sale, there wasn't much market for a profit to be made on them.
  21. I've not been on here much lately as I have been otherwise occupied. We had a new arrival in March, Andrew. I did find another use for the Explorers crane though.
  22. croc

    Snow 2012

    For the first time in years we had next to nothing in the way of snow this winter, we finally got a bit to play in for a couple of days last week. Playing. Looking out of the bedroom window. Jens Jimny wasn't quite up to the drifts, even after the Explorer made a hole.
  23. Scott, we printed the sale prices in the June '97 club newsletter (#38) When you look back at the actual sales prices they are not as high as folklore remembers, the LWB were around £2000 and the SWB around £3000 the most expensive was a leaf sprung SWB at £4000. (buyers premium and VAT were added though)
  24. That is strange for you Andy, why 1/24th instead of full size?
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