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Bit of a challenge?

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Recently I have been trying to sort out the engine cover louvers on my BRDM2 (9P148).


They should open and close electrically, controlled by a switch in the crew compartment.


The operating motor was seized, so I replaced the motor with another motor I had knocking about.


Still no luck.


There is a control box that everything connects to, so I thought I'd take a look inside it. See photos.


It appears to be full of mud!


On closer inspection, the brown mud seems to be a fine clay or sand because if you agitate it, it liquifies. Very strange.


All the connectors seem ok and the gasket was fine so I just don't understand how it got filled with mud.


I haven't seen damage or mud like this anywhere else in the vehicle.


The control box seems to be quite complex considering that all it does is allows a motor to run until it hits limit switches. I guess there is some form of current limter in there.


What do you reckon that chances of restoring it are? Slim I think!


I may just gut it and build a new circuit to go inside.

control box.jpg

control box2.jpg

control box3.jpg

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WOW!! Seems like ya learn something new every day. I thought all BRDM's were like mine (manually operated). Does that box sit down close to the bilge or mounted up high near the motor? If it was mounted near the bilge and had a loose cover that would explain the corrosion, otherwise I'd have no idea. Most of the Russian boxes are sealed really well. Anyway I'll check my manuals. I have schematics for a BRDM-2, 9P133, 9P122. If the 9P133 has the same system I can send you a copy of the schematic for the box. I think a new box or rebuild is in your future, that one looks absolutely shot.


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The box is mounted up high, just next to the the motor and gearbox, so it's a bit of a mystery.


I've seen boxes with tiny leaks fill themselves up by sucking water in when the cool down at night, but the mud in this box is just weird.


On my vehicle, there's a quick release solenoid that drops the covers instantly. It's also controlled by this box.


I only have manuals up until about 1980, so this box is not in the book.

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On closer inspection, there's not a lot in there. 3 relays, a really big diode and a another small device, probably a small relay.


There are a lot of wires though and none are colour coded!


I thought it might work once cleaned up but the corrosion is really bad in some places.


The relays are corroded and some of the small soldered joints have broken.


All the box does is runs the motor in one direction or the other until the limit switch operates.


I can work out a replacement version... but a schematic of this one would help!

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I just remembered a website where I know you can get the schematics for the box. One slight problem however.............you gotta read Czech (or at least have a friend that can). Great site for BRDM2's (and other comm block vehicles) lots of photos of interiors, exteriors, engines, etc...http://www.brdm2.estranky.cz/fotoalbum/brdm-2-obrneny-transporter/

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