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Hello from Germany, Projekt Replika AEC 853 Matador


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Hello @ All,

first, sorry my terrible English.


My Name is Tom and i found this Forum seaching Pictures of AEC 853 Matador.

Since some Weeks, i try to realise Replika 1:1 of this wonderful Wrecker.

Saw some 2008 at Dorset Steam Fair, so the Idea was born.

Basic Car is IFA W50 with ideal Chassis.

Has 125 PS, 12 Tons maximum Weight, Differential Lock both Axels, nearly same Wheels and other Dimensions.

Dashboard is from Unimog 404 with some Changes.

At the Moment, a crane is on Chassis. Name is ADK70. When Replika Cab will be ready, Crane will be removed.



I had Promlems with correkt Dimensions, no Measure has been found. Only with Caliper and Calculator was expekted fome some Pictures of Internet. So the Result ist not correkt in all real Dimensions.

See some last Pictures here with klick at Thumbnails:










I`m searching some Detail Pictures of AEC, for Example Mechanism of opening front Windows and measure of Glasses


Also Radius Frontside of Roof.


yours sincerely



Owner of other military Cars:

DKW Munga with VW Turbo Diesel Engine and Unimog 404 also Diesel OM 617 most used in Forest, with offroad Camper Trailer, built with Unimog 404 original Suitcase Radio

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most difficulty was fitting steering gearbox and pedals 18cm backwards.

Cooler is at original place. Front of AEC is very short but now it is ok.

Have one picture before building Cab and mooving steering box:






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Welcome Tom. The cabs on Matadors vary because they were made by different manufacturers, some had a curve to the roof, others were flat. Have a look at the Matador thread for lots of pictures. Google AEC Matador for lots more info and history.

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Dear John,


I need four dimensions of the front side of the windshield.

Measured in the transparent glass within the frame.

I can still change the frame of the windshield.

The glasses are not yet ordered.

Here is a small drawing with 4 numbers.




I would also ask:

If the windshield is slightly tilted backwards, which angle is about?


And at last,

Overall width and height of the roof in the middle.

So I can calculate radius.


Now, I work almost every day at that.

In planning:

Roof will be removable.

Soft top comes from Magirus Deutz Jupiter.

The gear ratio close to the wheels have already changed.

So it will go faster than the crane.

The case behind the cab can be from MAN 630 (have one of it) with nearly original AEC outfit outside.

Until then is far away...


friendly greetings


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Hi Tom,


Here are the measurements you asked for.

The windscreen does slope back and the cab is also slightly narrower at the top, it tapers in from a point level with the bottom of the door windows.

I have taken some photos of the windscreen, if you PM me your email address I will send them to you.




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Hi John,

thank you so much for information, E-Mail and pictures.


My measure of number one is near 1840mm.

So rest proportions will be almost correkt.

Only windscreen i`ll make little higher, because floor plate is very high, impossible to modify.

I dont want sitting inside, looking outside and see only upper frame of windscreen.

Angel change to maximum 4` than it is better to adapt the little Windows, because i want make A and B same measure.


Think, few weeks later, i can post pictures with a result.


friendly greetings


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I have some photos. The roof is finished, but the car is therefore too high, then it does not fit through the door into the garage.

A few more weeks, then I may be allowd driving on the road.

There is still much to do.


















friendly greetings


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  • 3 months later...


have finished Projekt.

AEC Matador Replica drives very well.

some fotos:








Box Body is from german army, truck name is MAN 630, also named "Emma"

Will be a offroad camping car for travelling round the world.

Now it is allowed using on road.


friendly greetings


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