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New to the MV scene.


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Hi Everyone,


My name is Rob, I've been a member of the forum for a while now and thought it was about time I did an introduction, you all seem like really decent people and it felt rude looking at all the great information on here without saying hello.

I'm based just south of Oxford and have always been interested in old vehicles, anything from ships to classic cars and usually attend steam rallys exhibiting vintage tractors and my fathers commercial vehicles.

Always fancied getting into military vehicles, especially after going down to Beltring for the last couple of years and have been keeping my eye out for a Dodge WC 51/52 for ages, not really found one within my price range so far though.

Would love to find an early vehicle to restore like a pre war Albion or something similar.


Hoping this post comes out ok, as i'm not all that computer literate. Apparently a hammer does not turn your computer into a mind reader or make it work faster! :-D





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Hi Rob, fear not your post is fine! there is a lot of knowledge on this site, the people here are really helpful and friendly - I've spent hours on this site before now and only stop reading when my brain starts to implode. :-D


If you ever decide to go.. post war, I have a nice collection of mutts for restoration :cool2:



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Something like that Jack!

I've been a member for quite a while and had a quick look every now and again, but bought a house and spent most of my spare time renovating it so not had much time for any other projects. I've now decided that the bath panel and tile grouting can wait till I start on something green and exciting that moves!:-D

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Good man, its when you start sneaking it indoors the trouble starts - I currently have 2 newly painted U.S. jerry cans sitting on the aga drying, the good lady did not see the funny side, I think the fact she tripped over a mutt grill in the porch before realizing them there was catalyst enough for the cold shoulder, needless to say, I ended up cooking my own dinner tonight. :whistle:

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