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  1. Hi All, I have got a box of these, has anyone ever seen them before? Any idea what they are used on? They came with some motorbike bits so I’m assuming that that may be bike related I’m pretty sure they are spark plug caps, however they must be for plugs with a very small diameter ceramic as the hole is only 10mm The knurled bit with Smiths on is a captive nut that screws on the top of the plug. The last picture is a set up with plug ( too big) and HT lead with olive and nut.
  2. If you struggle to find replacement valves, these guys are really helpful. http://www.gsvalves.co.uk/ Most of the valves on my Vulcan were in a similar condition to yours and I had a full set made. Very pleased with the results.
  3. Thanks Tim. At the last house, I had spare time but no space, now I have space but spare time is at a premium!
  4. Not sure what this is from, but it looks very similar to a WLF gearbox? If it's any use to anyone you are welcome to it.
  5. Hi all, Just to keep in touch, the Vulcan is still progressing, but at a much slower rate. My wife and I bought a house (pile of bricks with a door knob on!) that needed a complete renovation, so have spent over a year getting it habitable, it still needs finishing, but we are in. Also we have had a baby girl who is now 6 months old, so as you can guess I've had to put the Vulcan on the back burner for a little while. However the house did come with a double garage and a rather nice workshop which will more than happily accommodate an assembled Vulcan plus other clutter....
  6. handy1882


    Vulcan is still under progress but has slowed up considerably due to a house move/complete renovation and a baby girl which arrived in October...
  7. handy1882


    It looks very similar to a Ward LeFrance box......
  8. handy1882


    There may be some numbers somewhere but I've not really had a good look, guessing 6 speed and reverse. I assume the rod on the gearstick is a reverse interlock It came attached to an Albion en286 engine which had been used to re engine a trencher so engine and box are probably not an original pairing? The bit of tin on the back is part of this conversion. Certainly looks 40's to 50's, and it is a very heavy lump so must be out of something quite substantial
  9. handy1882


    Hi All, Does anyone know what this gearbox is out of? Definitely green paint under the yellow. If it's of use to anyone, you are welcome to it as its in the way.
  10. Hi Joey, I have the only other Vulcan VSW 6x4, chassis number 13... I'll PM You my contact details.
  11. Hi Sam, Great work! I had a look round your truck a while back when it was in a sale. I'm really glad that it is being brought back to life, fantastic stuff!
  12. Hi Pete, Thank you very much for your kind comments. Hopefully you will see it in one piece someday, its been it bits for a long time. I think Pete and Roy bought it sometime in the late 70's. It certainly given me a huge appreciation for the amount of work that goes in to other peoples restorations.
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