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Mercedes 170V restoration project


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Hi guys let me show you my restoration project. 170V, model 1936, built in January 1940. Although it's a civilian car, thousands of these were drafted into the German armed forces during the WW2, so not far out of the forum's context. In fact I have 2 of these /the other one built 1938/. This one will be ordinary, civilian, the other one will be a Wehrmacht gray staff car /which will save me all the chroming trouble, as all parts on it will be overpainted, all those pitted handles and rusty bumper halves will be easily used :D /

But now back to the current project, the civilian car. In the very beginning, found this /on the first pic/ and that /on the second pic/ :D Last driven in 1988, then taken apart for a repair /not really a restoration, but a repair planned/ that never happened. Fortunately the other bits were all kept indoors, so survived well!



The first thing to do was the engine. If it was just a tired old motor, it was going to be fine. But no, someone made complete repair of it. Someone worked a lot of it, but in such manner that it would never run the way it was fixed... ruined... whatever. Diesel pistons, piston rings with 2-3 mm gap at the keys, iron chips from bad engine cleaning embedded into the babbit bearings, bad valves with broken valve guides and plastic /!/ bearings of some kind put on the valve shaft, instead of babbit fixing... and etc. Fortunately everything was done again by a great specialist and the engine is like new now!




Cleaned and painted the chassis, the gearbox, the rear axle, right now the front suspension and steering is being rebuilt, restored the breaks, made new ropes for the handbreak and so on. The chassis/transmission part is getting close to complete. Then comes another difficult part - the coupe, with its wooden structure that needs to be made completely new. At least I have all the wooden bits to use as a pattern. Well, that's it! A project that scares lots of people, but in the end I hope to have a well rebuilt and all original car. :) A long way ahead, I'll update after finish some important stage of the work.















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Thank you!


I got their details from the MB historical center. This one was completed in the first days of January 1940 and shipped to the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Budapest, Hungary. There are many possibilities how it got to my country, but the end days of WW2 and the returning army are the biggest possibility.


The other one was made in June 1938 and delivered directly to a MB dealer in my town. Left the factory as a Cabriolet B, but someone "improved" it with a 4-door coupe later in its life. Still hope to find someday an opened body and return it to original configuration.

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