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  1. would this be any use to you, scraped one about 9 years ago didnt really no that much about it but saved this . you could do a ringer.
  2. but still not finished yet loads more to do ,notek light ,shovel ,aerial , exhausts, lockers, etc etc , and also have another project on the go u23 citroen lorry will add new thread later .
  3. cheers as it was new build had to distress it a bit, but its been outside a few months now so the elements should do the trick.
  4. although this was almost completed last year i have only just got round to putting photos , these were taken in september last year.
  5. looking good , do you have any history with the cars.
  6. hi phebe firstly are you paying and secondly what is the film about , as we r further south than you so transport costs cheerts will.
  7. yer they take time though, hers a couple more pics
  8. hi i would like to see it sounds great you wouldnt have any trouble in selling here are a few pics of the trebs (2) started work on it again recently as my opel olyimpia is 90% done.
  9. i think the czech republic may have been
  10. since i bought this one i found another for sale and somebody else has one and they are both rhd apparently they were exported here for a number of years before the war but like most vechiles a lot got scrapped.
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