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SAS/SRS Series 1 Land Rover pics


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Hi Neil, no SRS sounds about right from what I was told, a chap with one of the

said vehicles said that the vehicle was in service with SAS/SRS but is not sure

which due to the lack of traceable history available.


The vehicle it self confirms this, but any pics/info on this type would possibly help to ascertain which Reg it originates from.

Also would the FV number FV18006 be correct for this type?


This is an example:

width=150 height=115http://img169.imageshack.us/img169/6958/img2131xv4.th.jpg[/img]


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SRS = Special Reconnaisance Squadron RAC formed June 1962. But their role passed to 23 (TA) SAS when disbanded/amalgamated with elements of Cyclops Squadran 2 RTR to form Parachute Squadron RAC 1st February 1965. New dual role armoured reconnaisance & anti-tank capability with Hornet/Malkara.

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Series IIA came out in 1961 so I imagine a prestige unit such as SRS would have something pretty up to date.


The FV18006 does not appear as a variant in the FVRDE catalogue of 1954 which only lists FV18004.


But FV18006 appears in the 1956 catalogue but is not in 1962 catalogue where they are all Series IIA.


I meet with SRS veterans in May so can ask about what they drove then I have a colour picture somewhere of all of the Squadron on formation but no pics of vehicles I'm afraid.

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Thanks Clive, so would/did any other regiment/squadron have used/made these?

The chap told me today that the vehicle in question is one of 3 made, from the pics

it differs only slightly in that it has more radio gear and thats about it. I'll get the Registration of the vehicle tomorrow.

Also what would something like it be worth in road worthy condition/complete etc?



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Tyler, that article is as authoritative as you will get. Here is the only other bit I have which was in Bart's book:

width=640 height=459http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v684/fv1620/FV18006c.jpg[/img]


Surprised only 3 made, but I have no idea of value. Series I always pricey, esp a good military one then SAS + kit, goodness I'm afraid.

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Clive, Ive just found this: Series I SAS 43BR70, the vehicle from the first pic you

posted/2nd pic I posted up for sale at PA Blanchards.

Also Ive found pics of 4 examples and have seen 2 other examples previously,

I haven't received the registration/chassis/etc details yet, would these tell me if its a

genuine example?

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Tyler. I'm afraid I know nothing about Series I. As with a vehicle of any type identities can come & go plates move around chassis. But that dealer has a good reputation & would I think be very careful to only present things that had a legitimate history. I looked on his site to see if I could see it. But I was surprised that many of the older Rovers he had for sale seemed to be reasonably priced, but of course you have to add VAT :cry:

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Thanks Clive, you've been more than helpfull and thats much appreciated.

The vehicle in question is a different example to Blanchards and quite a distance

thats why I'm trying to get as much info as poss, as there are people (a minority)

who will say/do things to get a sale.


Thanks again.

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There ARE only three of these left in existance, the guy who owns the one you pictured (with the guy driving it ) is owned by a very good freind of mine. He also knows of the where abouts of the other two. if you are talking about the one I think you are, it was not built like that by land rover, but is a very good replica. I can pass your details on to my mate and he can tell you all about it as he knows a hell of a lot about these.


He has a map in his workshop showing the where abouts of all the scrapped series 11a pinkies in the world and has a whole host of rare pics, including a pinkie painted white as a marker for the end of a make shift runway in oman...

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