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Potential Charity Display for British Legion & Help For Heros in Ashford, June10-11

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I have been approached by my Local Branch of the Royal British Legion for assistance with a vehicle display in Ashford Town Centre on June 10-11th 2011.

Basically, the Legion has recognised that Help for Hereo's & the Legion are after the same goals. To help Ex Service Personel from all Three Branches, to assist where possible in their lives after leaving thier respective Arm of Service. The aim is to set up a Vehicle display for Fund raising to this end. If any Owners would like to take part & become assets for this display.

please PM me with what vehicle you would like to display, Your Contact details. Phone No, Name, Address Etc. (All recieved in Confidence) I will compile a list of what would be available & put it to the Meeting Team when I attend on the 15th March.

PLEASE: NO Large vehicles! the more unsual & interesting the better. We would wish to only display one of each marque chosen as space is limited in a Pedestrian precinct.

Classic stuff that is Iconic, like The Jeep, Dingo, Etc. & vehicles of similar size would probably be the ones picked to display. BUT, it's up to you guys to let me know!

Thanks to one & all in advance for your support.



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Does that mean my Ward La France isn't wanted.


Can't see why a Ward La France can't get in when a dingo can!


Despite what you've been told - size IS everything.


Mark, I would NEVER state your Truck is not Wanted. :-D It's just that space is limted in this Precinct & the good Old 'Elf & Safety Bods would raise an objection. :(


As for size, Thats not what your Missus has told me!............:angel:

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Great stuff! At this stage, I am waiting for tentative replies so I am able to start a list of what would be available. I would then pass the list & contact details over to the Brach Chairman for him to contact prospective exhibitors. The Meeting for me is schedualed on the 15 March.

I would need as many names of Potential exhibits available by then Please.

Many Thanks guys for your Sterling Efforts! ;)

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