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Vehicle Record Cards


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Got the record card back from the Tank Museum today for my 432 (17 EA 99).


She spent '67 through to '73 with the Royal Horse Artillery in BAOR so pleased she has some history anyway.


Don't suppose anybody remembers the above vehicle? Or even better has any photos?


Sent off for the MERLIN records as well (about two months ago) to an address I was given by sirhc on here but not heard back yet. Do they charge for this service?



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Yeah, I wasn't complaining, like you say I understand that information requests are going to be the very bottom priority especially at the moment with all the cuts. I was just wondering whether there was a charge for the service as I just fired a quick letter off with the vehicles details and the quick (two day) reply from the tank museum just got me wondering about where the Merlin report was.


Sure it'll turn up soon.



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Where is the best place to aplly for the vehicle history/record? Is it just the tank museum or is there other places?


Its for my friends stalwart.





Army Softskin, eg. Stalwart, should be RLC Museum Deepcut, Plant etc Eager Beaver Forkliftetc RE Museum Chatham, RAF vehicles RAF Museum Hendon.

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Does Hendon charge? whats the proper address and department tow write to? We have two ex RAF vehicles, an LR 90 and at least one Bedford.




No it is free.



I just e-mailed them using the form above, and they came back in about a week with record card for my 101

Their address is on the Contact URL, don't write to the Chetwynd address in the first link!

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