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Possible Importting Of A Halftrack

P Marriott

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Hi all


Anyone know how easy it is to import a halftrack from the USA??


Is there any issues with it being armoured??


Just toying with the idea at the moment and wondered what the pitfalls maybe.


Anyone know wether an M2A1 will fit ina 20ft container if the front winch is gas axed off and the pulpit removed?


Cheers All

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i imported a carrier earlier this year from minnesota and paid £2700 for shipping , that includes the cost of the 20 ft container the agents fee and duty, to be honest although it was a bit worrying at times as i didn't know what was going on it all went very well. all i had to do was go down to southampton pick it up from the yard at the dockside and show a pass to the security gate to get out of the dock that was it, no customs or paperwork to sort out as the agent had done it all and only charged me £200. the only dropped bollock was the guy i bought the carrier from shipped the container before i could get anything else in it so it was half empty:cry: . if i was you i'd send jack a nice pm and ask him who he uses as i think this is something he's done once or twice. i used a firm in southampton called penguin that i'd also recommend. basically it's simple the only real pitfall is from the sellers side but that's a chance you take for a bargain.


all the best



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