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Suppose I better get this ominous task out the way.... (read in the fashion of Alcoholics Anonymous)


I am Andy and ...... (dramatic pause to build suspense)






I 'm a 101 owner for now just over 2 Months now but a 101 lover for many years. (Phew that was a weight of my mind)









Own a landrover 101 and have owned several other landrovers this is the first one that has a true military history. Previously I was heavily into off-road trials and vehicles were seriously modified with ARB Lockers, Winches , rollcages etc. But that was a past life ..


Plans this are will be to possible keep the outside look very original but maybe modernize the running gear.




- Short term - Sort out the little problems and give the interior a make over, but keep it much the same as it should be. And also look at getting a Ball hitch on the back so I can get my trailer on it.


- Longer term (2-5 years ish if I get the time)- Well considering - re-engine'ing it with a re-built diesel (would need to source and rebuild engine).



I'll need to get some photo's up





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