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  1. Hi Tim - which part of Wales? I'm in Rhayader, Powys, currently looking after a Munga4. John
  2. Compact Orbital Gears in Rhayader do white metalling - we saw their plant during a factory visit. Don't know anyone who's had the job done there, but they deal with high precision work. John
  3. It looks to me as though the key is broken off in the lock - have you tried extracting the blade part of the key with, for example, a pair of fine-nosed pliers? If you can get it out, it will be a fairly simple job to get a key cut to match. John
  4. The 101 was probably Pete Steer of the 101 FCC&R on his way home from Tanks Trucks and Firepower. John
  5. To fit on a horse or mule for casualty transport? John
  6. None of the above! (Generally late evening, 11pmish) John
  7. Useful site, that - thanks Joel. Even got my old 16HP Tecumseh model in it! Rob - the bolt that pushes the engine and gearbox forwards to tension the primary drive chains is under the back of the gearbox. I think you can access it by taking the floor out, IIRC. The gearbox fixing bolts (2 off) run through the channel and the 'box, they may need tightening or one may be missing! Cheers, John
  8. As far as I can recall, the gearbox is held onto the frame angles below it by long bolts that go right through, and have presumably come loose - or maybe one is missing? The front chains from the gearbox are tensioned by moving the whole engine/gearbox assembly along with a long bolt that goes through the end of the sub-frame - it's ages since I grovelled inside mine and I can't remember if it's at the front or the rear of the assembly - I will have a peer inside mine tomorrow, if I get a moment/remember! Adjusting that doesn't affect the axle-to-axle chains, they have separate tensioners
  9. Scrap conveyor belting is good heavy stuff - used to have some before my last move!:-( John
  10. Fairly simple piece of kit - which bit needs a manual? John
  11. There is no adjustment at the brake drum, there is a wing-nut on the brake rod where it passes through the clevis pin on the handbrake lever cross-shaft. John
  12. Something like this? http://www.frost.co.uk/rivet-snap.html John
  13. Yes, I paid £650 in 1966 for a new Morris Mini Traveller - the only new car I've ever bought! (I paid extra to have Michelin X tyres on it instead of the standard Dunlop C41s!) Mad extravagant fool:nut: John
  14. Thieving b*ggers at it again!:cry: http://www.southwalesargus.co.uk/news/11149105.Cwmbran_veterans_appeal_after_thieves_hit_Green_Goddess_fire_engine/ Can anybody help these guys out? John
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