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RNLMC Lightweight


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For you Land-Rover fans, here is a picture of a Royal Netherlands Marines Land-Rover 88 Lightweight, taken during training in 1985.


Noteworthy (to me, at least), is that 25 years later I had totally forgotten this Lightweight was camouflaged. Says something for the value of a veteran's recollection after 65 years?






RNLMC Land-Rover Lightweight KM-25-27 1985 001.jpg

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Never had a cloggie BUT I have this good 5mb - sometime I will know (but I have a Fairey OD to go on too).




to drop into this FFR (converted by PO to 12 volt , not prepared to put back) - about 1976 , 43 GF 07 , chassis and body still rock solid !




It will then be rubbed down & re-sprayed in white/black DP , I intend using it as a winter vehicle so will be putting a full Williams winterization kit in. I don't want to hack the tub back corners out for starting battery boxes , the centre seat is claiming a pair of starting batteries but one may go under the present (modified to 12 volt) battery location to free up for the heat exchanger - or the heat exchanger may have to go in the tub ??

The alternative is to get another tub and I have missed two FFR winterized moded because they were to far away - uneconomic.

I intend to line it all out with the pukka Plastazote "Hardura" stuff , not seen one of these RADHAZ linings , they are very cheap just now - but would I be able to cut up , re-stitch to size & fit ????


Too many project - as they say insufficient time available ...

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ISTR the Dutch had some transmission problems , as a result of choice of using their stock of larger tyres and the diesel engine. IIRC their axle mods. were not a success and Rover ended up sorting out. Only had a good look at one on the show scene - well kitted out woth correct Dutch FFR gear - very nice it all was for something different , the owners remark to me as I walked off was - but I have to live with the diesel !!!


Made me wonder about my project ??

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Indeed the Dutch Land-Rovers - both 88 and 109 - were quite different from the British spec ones.


LHD is the most obvious, diesel engines were fitted as comply with NATO standards, at least initially tyres were 7.00-16 as reportedly there were huge stocks for its predecessor, the M38A1 NEKAF. Lots of detail changes like lighting etc. For further info see the attached article by connoisseur Richard de Roos (source: http://www.chaosboyz.nl/rubriek/techniek/techlandroverlightweight.htm), he wrote a book on Land-Rover in Dutch service and was not impressed to say the least. The Dutch Army wasn't either, though many of the problems orginated by tampering with the design of what was a fine vehicle. The Dutch Marines (part of the Dutch Navy) are long-time Land-Rovers users. After the LR Series 3 they went for the LR110 while the Army chose the Mercedes Benz G-series Geländewagen.







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