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Panther in civvy street (well some of it)


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I'm glad some-one reads periodicals thoroughly which ends further speculation:laugh: I wonder whether the the Cromwell might be hulls obtained from Austrian Charioteers, which became surplus when the turrets were used as "panzerstellungs"




No, they are all ex-Czech Brigade Cromwells they took home with them. I saw a few and most had their wartime markings still in evidence.


Interestingly, many of the roadwheels were a Cromwell disc with a T34 rim and tyre welded on, obviously tyres took quite a beating in the mines.

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thanks for the clarification Adrian - I wondered because the Cromwell being craned seems to lack a bow MG mount, wonder what motor they had? Shame there is no sign of an A30 -I thought there might have been when a 35scale kit appeared from Czech republic- bit of an odd choice:undecided:

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