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  1. Thank you so much Pete😊
  2. Thank you Tony These American Archive were taken at Cherbourg July 1944 "Place Napoleon" The church background is "Basilique Sainte Trinité" Conseil général de la Manche, Arch. dép., 13 Num4710, (cl. Arch. nat. américaines). Source : https://dailygeekshow.com/images-debarquement-normandie/ I hope in the future achieve a big diorama with crane !! The truck near the dukw is GMC AFKWX 353 Here it is : A French manufacturer model resin About Model Crane I I
  3. An other project finished last year , with several pictures from "Conseil Général de la Manche" Conseil général de la Manche, Arch. dép., 13 Num3842, (cl. Arch. nat. américaines). Conseil général de la Manche, Arch. dép., 13 Num3843, (cl. Arch. nat. américaines). Conseil général de la Manche, Arch. dép., 13 Num5626, (cl. Arch. nat. américaines). And the kit
  4. About this vehicle I find several pictures First sorry the picture is small an other Ford with different rear body
  5. Thank you Tony yes , I think that this Ford was an radio vehicle then all the radio equipment removed and the Ford "recycled" in driving school
  6. last year I found on the net some pictures of a German Ford With an old resin kit I make conversion
  7. I apologize for answering after several years .... â˜č This kit come from Tamiya 1/35 plastic kit with little photo-etch and resin. You can see my model on my blog :http://butcher-of-corsica.blogspot.com/search/label/Traction CitroĂ«n
  8. Here a Peugeot 402 with still French tactical signs. And there is legend back picture : Nancy Stanilas Place
  9. Sorry Enigma I don't Know Four new pictures : Too easy ! Schwimmwagen ! Wanderer ? Einheits-Diesel l. gl. E. Lkw 6x6 Typ HWA 526 D Horch 830r funkkraftwagen
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