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North yorks railway 1940,s weekend 15,16,17 oct

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Hi Guys, do you have to book in,or can you just turn up.



Hi Mate,.......as what, I'm guessing if you want to bring a vehicle and parade, there is paperwork to do, (note, DON'T know for deffo).....if you want to turn up in kit and 'amble', just do so..........:-D Still have to pay to travel on trains though.:(

Maybe's a case of contacting Pickering Tourist infomation office and getting a contact from them.


All the best,


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Stuart, if you want to be in the parade you need to register - i have the contact details somewhere. We are not bothering this year as it is awkward getting the vehicles in and out of where we stay, safely. As this event has got bigger, pulling the DT, Halftrack and even the Dodge in and out has become increasingly awkward - there are just so many (impatient) people about. The paperwork takes a bit of filling in so for 6+ vehicles becomes an admin job in itself......

If you want a pup tent for a night or two (or maybe the back of a truck or dropping down in one of the bigger tents) just let me know (mandatory spam suppers and cooked breakfast though).

I will have a couple of jeeps there, so if you want one to scoot about in for a bit, again, just let me know.


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Here's a couple of short videos from Pickering.






While it was nice to meet up with friends, I didn't enjoy it as much this year. Less vehicles and displays to see, no parking at Levisham ( forcing you to pay the high ticket price if you wanted to visit ). For the first time there was charging public to get on the platform, which reduced crowding ( probably a H&S issue ), but the one way set up they had on the platforms caused all sorts of problems when people arriving on the train had to cross the bridge, along the platform, into the carpark, over the level crossing, and back down the road past the station just to get into town. Even the station staff was complaining!


I think we'll skip the event again for another year or two and next time probably stay with friends displaying at Goathland, and forget about Pickering. I know I'm not alone in my feelings this year; did anyone else think it has outgrown the town and become a victim of its own success?

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