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Isle of Wight Steam Show

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Took the Spartan to this event which I try and attend every few years. August bank holiday has many good shows on and I can only do 1 at a time!


The cubed family were there with their GMC and gun, and there was a very rare Guy quad belonging to an Islander which had just been restored. Also present were a Hippo and Matador, a couple of jeeps and a Delahaye amongst others. Its a rather small show, but has a family atmosphere. All the exhibitors know each other and are very welcoming. Possibly the only show I know where steam, military, commercial and railway people all intermingle socially. Add Robin hood, his merry men and a few Red Indians into the mix and it makes for a great night!


The beer tent is very much the social hub in the evenings with a band on Saturday and a disco/fancy dress on Sunday. This years theme was pop stars, I won't embarrass anyone with photos...


On Sunday evening there is a road run for all the commercials and anyone else who cares to join it. It goes around the whole Island and can be a 30-40 mile trip. I went on my own road run (to a pub) with the Spartan and 3 jeeps taking in Ryde (going up and down the sea front a few times), Bembridge airport (1 jeep owner owns the pub there and treated us to food and drinks) and then back via Sandown to Havenstreet. It was about 20 miles. The only problem I encountered was being deafened by the 2 excited ladies i had riding with me as they shrieked and screamed down the intercom for 20 minutes! Also helps if you remember to switch on the vehicle headlights. I had thought they were a bit rubbish...


I also spent a couple of days volunteering in the loco works as a cleaner/fitter/general dogs body as it keeps me out of the beer tent. I still can't get my head around the fact that one locomotive in operation is nearly 150 years old and the other is 120! Lots of tea drinking, p*** taking and getting filthy made it seem like being at work....(I am a railway fitter by trade).


Weather was pants on the way down, but turned out lovely over the weekend, making for a very enjoyable show. Only slight stress was when a tractor and trailer broke down in a gateway as i was trying to leave to catch my ferry home! That and waking up one mornings to find my bed had deflated due to a split seam. :( A nice Islander gave me lift to the local Argos to get another one.:-)
















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A few more pics including the road run and a very scary looking alternative/heavy metal folk dancer!


Also in the pub there was a room with the landlords collection of replica firearms, helmets and militaria (plus assorted historical artefacts and photos of friends in the forces) which he was happy to let people handle if they ask. The kid looks kinda scary!





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As Vince says very friendly and relaxed show over 4 days, here are a few pics of mine.










Steam powered Gallopers stationary



Going round quite fast





Showman's engines supplying electric for lighting on gallopers






Same organ in daylight
















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