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Bedford 28hp timing

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I'd always assumed for these older vehicles that ignition timing was done with the vacuum pipe removed. On looking through both my genuine old and modern reprint manuals, both different in some respects, neither make mention of this. Anyone confirm if my thinking is right or wrong?

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I can't recall the K / M / O type, C / D type or J type manuals asking you to remove it, but it's a long time since I've looked so I may be misremembering.


IME although many manuals refer to removing the vacuum pipe, with most vehicles when timing at idle speed there isn't enough vacuum to advance the timing anyway, so it makes no practical difference. I don't think I've ever removed the pipe on 28 hp or 214 / 300 engines, and I've never had any problems.


Obviously if you're checking centrifugal or vacuum advance with increasing or raised RPM, say over 800 - 1000, it'll make a difference.

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You should not set ignition as is writen in the manual , it is only ok for a start up indication , the best way is to leave the floor pannel out , and keep advancing the ignition little by little when driving it , if in the end you accellerate and it picks up straight away , then you are about right , if it starts pinging retard it a little .it is advanced too much then .

Modern Petrol ignites totally different then the petrol develloped in the 40ies , the engine will also nut run so smooth as they used to do . The french army even made for the last rebuilds different camshafts to overcome this problem.

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