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FW 190 crash down


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Thanks, Radek. Here is an appalling translation (not my doing :D):



The plane Focke-Wulf Fw-190, which crashed of Hyères last Saturday, during repetitions precedent the meeting of the centenary of naval aeronautics in roads, was raised (see photographs in this article). The Jifmar Offshore society Services undertook the relevage of the wreck between Wednesday and Thursday. To complete successfully this operation, Jifmar unfolded one multi-adult training centre, Paul B (Ex-Beagle), a team of scaphandriers and a modular pontoon, on whom the carcass was put down. FW-190 was brought back, then, to earth. « It was a very technical manipulation because it is about a plane of collection, a mythical apparatus of the second world war. Objective was to take back it up without harming it more, in possible perspective to make it re-steal one day, explains Foad Zahedi, manager of Jifmar.

Entered in service from 1941 in German aviation, Focke-Wulf Fw-190 was a hunter. At the end of the second world war, national Navy accepted two apparatuses of this type, which it made under the appellation SNCAC NC.900 steal. Victim of a breakdown during repetitions preceding the air meeting of last Sunday, the apparatus raised yesterday accomplished a landing about 250 km / h. Luckily, Fw-190 did not turn round, what probably saved the life of the pilot, that miraculeusement taken out unharmed.

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It is a modern build machine. It was raised from the sea bed after about four days underwater, but apart from the crash damage, the salt water will have go into everything, so whether the insurance company will pay up for an expensive restoration is unsure. The insurance cover may not be for the full replacement value of the airframe. If it does ever fly again, it will need a very large amount of hours putting into it, plus an investigation on why the engine quit in the first place.

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