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Any ideas...........


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Hi all.


Have some great future plans for the site as it will always need to evolve to keep it up to date relevant but before I go any further I just wanted to ask you all if you have any thoughts or ideas on what you would like to see on HMVF.


Doesn't matter how big or how small they are and I am not easily offend so please do fire away!

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Jack not to labour a point but I'd like to see some more action re the VCR bill. Following last weeks meeting the news is looking pretty BAD. This bill IS going to be steamrollered through and WE MUST ALL DO MORE TO PREVENT IT. Or it’s no rubber M2HB for you.


Please... let’s run a sticky with links to all threads to highlight the seriousness of the bill.



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Ok Karoshi, lets crank this one up, could you give an update?

in the thread.



Karoshi is right on this. We must not under estimate the effect that this Bill we have on all of us, we really must grab this bill by the throat and throttle it. Once the bill is passed we are stuffed. Do not rely on everyone else to do this job for you, you have to do it for all of us. I followed the fox hunting debate with great interest and it was passed. I have said else where that there is an awful lot to be learnt from the grave, and fundamental mistakes that were made by the pro hunting lobby. As a group, lets learn from this and take it forward and do what we can, we all have to make sure that we get this right, first time around. This is, last chance saloon.

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Thanks mate...i will try to keep up the info.......


maybe a re enactor section might go down well also a militaria collector section.......what you think ?


as a lot of MV owners are re enactor/ collectors too



but honestly keep up the good work......also might bw worth linking to the WW2 re enactors forum to entice more posters here





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Desperately trying to get INFORMED info arising from the recent meeting. Much conjecture but few FACTS.


Am onto it.


The BIG point to note is that an unofficial date has been set for the introduction of this act. It is to be enacted BEFORE the 24hrs Drinking laws come into force, i.e. November 2005.


Just 6-7 weeks away!!!!



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Ok, how about this for an idea...........



MV's Reunited, if you still know the chassis number of your old MV and want to know where it is and what it is now doing, we could have a section for this where you can post the chassis number etc etc?


What do you think?

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Ok, second idea I have had today :shock:


How about a buyers guide section? What to look for and what not to buy. I will be looking for a WC52 next year that I can bring on so it would be useful to me to start with.


Going to take a break now has I have thought to much this morning already :?

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