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Best place for CMP parts


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Tried Dirk over in Cloggieland but never replies to emails etc -anywhere in UK with a good stock?


especially Chevy CMP C60L




You don't say.. I've given up on trying to get spares from them - it would be nice to know if there's another source of spares for my F60S.

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Normally Dirk will have a stand at war and peace show, and its better to call him.

True but what we need is a jeep parts type outlet or similar that can send stuff all year round instead of endless emailing etc. I asked about something from him a few months ago and he said he will get back -still waiting

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I too have struggled to give Dirk any of my cash!!! The first year I went to Beltring I asked him for manual MB-C2 for my C30, he said he had one back at home and best to email him. I then emailed him every year(4!!!!) a few weeks before Beltring to bring it with him and he never replied and then when I saw him there he said he didn't remember!!! I've given up now and bought a cheap copy of MB-C1 which aparently is close enough!!! Don't get me wrong he is a nice enough guy and the repro bits I have had from him such as dash jewel and dash switch plates are lovely,but unless he has it there in front of me on the stall I don't bother!!!! If there is somewhere else I'll see you all there as I need LOTS!!!!!



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Guys, since Dirk bought the entire stock of CMP parts from a UK firm with a name like Nordian (?) about 15 or more years ago, I think the best place for spares may actually be Australia and Canada-as there is a much greater following for these types than in the UK.


Go to Maple Leaf Up forum




There is a For Sale or Trade section too.


Good luck and keep rolliing!

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I bought a part from Dirk, which he send quite fast but he forgot to give me the paypal adress so I could pay him, and it to a couple of monthe of sending mails to him before I got the adress. that tought me to call him instead.

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