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  1. Hi Brian. There has been a bit of a push recently by TIGOSE The International Guild Of Specialist Engineers to establish an apprenticeship scheme within the classic car industry as they are worried these skills are dying out! Also Leeds college is setting up a full time course in vehicle restoration with Fuzz Townsend as their figure head!!! It would be worth looking into these. It is possible to make a living in restoration as I do myself!!! I must admit though we do cars not military vehicles and specialise even more now in just mainly aluminium coachwork. I would love to restore military vehicles too!!! Personally if I was entering the industry again now I would still approach it from the car side as this gives you a wider choice of potential employers and customers and then specialise later. I was lucky enough to get a place on the 2 year full time restoration course at Colchester Institute many years ago which unfortunately is no longer run, but it gave me a good grounding in all aspects of restoration and then I could choose which aspects I wanted to do. You have to be passionate about it though!!!! I absolutely love my job and have no regrets whatsoever. Sitting here now I can't wait to go to work tomorrow as it is still my hobby as well as my career even after 24 years doing it professionally. Go for it!!!!! Regards Daren
  2. Hi Ron Standard issue for Austin Sevens as well. Spent many happy hours repairing/restoring/operating them in many different bodied Austin Sevens!!!! Daren
  3. Sorry if I have confused the issue just remember Kegresse being mentioned !!! Must be the same one you guys mention. Regards, Daren
  4. Bovington definitely had at least the complete chassis and running gear for one whilst I worked there many years ago(1999!!!!). When I left the museum in 2000 to return to my previous career of classic car restoration they asked if I would be interested in restoring it voluntarily, but I can't for the life of me remember if there was any bodywork there at all. Maybe someone on here with closer links to the museum can confirm if it's still there? Regards Daren
  5. Hi Rosie, Yeh if that's OK with you all?!!!! Are you going to Weymouth on Sunday too? Will bring usual payment of duty free lager!!!! Really looking forward to it now. See you soon Daren
  6. Hi All Fil and I are really looking forward to the weekend and seeing everyone again. Our boat doesn't actually get into Poole until 00.45 on Friday so we we be at the camp after 1 am and will need to set up tents!!!! So apologies now if we wake anyone but we will try our best not too!!!! On the other hand if there is still partying going on expect gate crashers!!!!! I will ask Nigel to save us a bit of space next to him to make it easier. It was either this late boat or not at all and failure to attend was not an option!!!!!! Regards Daren
  7. Whenever my wife and I stay in the area we try and use The Bankes Arms in Corfe Castle. The most amazing location right next to the castle and Swanage railway and if you check their website the bed and breakfast price for the night you are looking at is not much more than a Premier Inn these days!!!! Can't be more than 20mins from the museum from there. Very old fashioned though!!!! The website does say it's changed hands since the last time we were there though .Take a look at the website and see what you think!!!!! Daren
  8. Although not a particular fan of Jamie Oliver he seems to have a Pub..............on an army lorry...........and a pizza oven.........a Pub..............on an army lorry..........and a pizza oven.......does it get any better than that!!!! 3 of my favourite things!!!!!!! I WANT A PUB...........ON AN ARMY LORRY..........WITH A PIZZA OVEN!!!!! Maybe there is a god after all..............mmmmmmmmmm. Daren
  9. Paul Beck Vintage Supplies sell a rectangular convex mirror almost identical to original CMP pattern. They are available in a brass finish that could be scuffed up to paint them. catalogue number 514 known as Raydot or Desmo type 36. Regards Daren
  10. Hi Stephen, Villiers Services are the people to talk to about this. I have had parts from them and they are great to deal with. I need my flywheel doing too sometime I think as I can't get mine to fire. Regards Daren
  11. I leave that kind of thing to you full-on re-enactors mate!!! Pass the special toothpaste!!! Lucky I get wifi in my foxhole!! Daren
  12. I also took advantage of the Rangers Taxi Saturday night and much appreciated thank you!! It was a very long way even that drunk!!!! Roll on 2012, can we book the Taxi that far in advance?!!!! Regards Daren
  13. fc101daz


    Thanks for the great info. I have passed these sights on to my friend who is the lucky owner!!! I think I need one of those 6x6 ones on the owners club sight now!!! Regards Daren
  14. fc101daz


    Hi All Is there anyone here who owns/plays with Haflingers? Looking for information and advice as in would love a workshop manual or at least wiring diagrams if such things exist? For example what are ALL those fuses for and how do I get the fuel pump off without taking the engine out?!!!! Also where do I go for parts? It needs a complete brake overhaul, fuel pump, and canvas tilt for starters. Are there any websites I may be missing? Have googled it, but not much luck. As I say all advice most welcome. Regards Daren
  15. Had to have a little chuckle Friday night as I drove the hill up out of Dorchester at half past midnight from the ferry. The last time I did that climb was in the Rixons GMC chasing a Sherman with Olaf on the back grinning his head off and being overtaken by a Mack!!!! Not quite the same in a Transit van!! Roll on 2012. DAren
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