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Commonwealth Jerry Can Brackets



I am an American and I have been asking this on the American boards. No one seems to know, was there a standard bracket for mounting jerry cans on British Commonwealth vehicles during WWII? If so how was it made or are any available for sale (original or reproduction)?


Most folks over here don't even seem to want to admit that we were not the only country fighting.:shocked:

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jet lagged..... so forgot to mention, i wonder if the first holders were copies of German ones???


Hi thier,


Good question and i suspect anything used in the african theater would have been locally made to suit the vehicle, that is if they were not just chucked in the back of the wagon.


Once the allies were actually producing them they may have had racks on the vehicles but i would be carfull of that and check against photographs of the vehicles in question. If you were to look at a churchill tank for instance you would find that even the last ones made were still carrying two of the small 1 gallon cans on the rear fender. Never seen them with actuall can racks. As another example, a friend has a 43 dated morris, with jerry can rack.........but he knows for a fact that the rack is a post war fit.

Check out the post in "Clives Corner" about fuel supply in the british army, worth a quick read.



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