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  1. slight side bar here guys, as per my previous post my truck should be on 9x13 rubber, tyres are now available in a sand tread (not for road use as they are agricultural but good for rolling round show grounds) Inner tubes are another matter. I spotted on a US Site that 9x13 white walls were available for vintage cars, do any of you guys know if tubes are available? (the site had no info) Tubes would need to be straight stem short suckers on the valve. Any info gratefully recieved. Regards Tim
  2. Hi, Ihave 7.5x16 NDT fitted to my morris PU on brit rims and they are giving no problems. Got that size as 9x13 were just not around.
  3. Indeed, i seem to recall seeing this on this very forum, I would suggest that Danny do a search on this forum as he would at least then confirm the style of conversion as thier were photo,s attached.Regards Tim
  4. Hi There,My PU has a blackish brown steering wheel that pretty much matches the MCC centre cap, the PU is 1937 and i think the wheel is the same as the 15Cwt . The 3 centre arms are solid bakelite type stuff and not hollow backed pressing as seen in the photo above.I will have a look for the pics, not sure on the C8 types and coloursRegards Tim
  5. I am presuming it must have been a relativley early truck as it appears to be wearing a variation of the counter scheme, so perhaps late 40 early 41 when in UK duty. Picture could be god knows as i cant see them painting it fresh. Is that a Henschell that its towing??
  6. Must try harder to find these threads in future, looking superb and a great credit to you. Love the subject as well but i am biased, hopefully we will bump into each other and get some pics together as i am into north africa myself. Crack on with the work its looking good. Friend of mine did a marmon herrington on a landrover chasis and recieved no complaints, based on the same problem as you had....just not out there to buyRegards Tim
  7. Re speedo cable,I had a duff one when i bought the morris PU. Give them all the info ie size of thread connectors, drive dog size and shape, length and speedy cables should be able to sort you out. Did a cracking job with mine.If your original does not have a greaser and it can be concealed its worth having one put in (thats why mine packed up originally)Regards Tim
  8. OOps..........you might have to buy a searchlite now
  9. PS It would be worth checking out the track width of the searchlight kit to see if it marries up with the installation on your truckRegards Tim
  10. HI GUYS,Photo aleady on hmvf of the subject showing lots of sweaty blokes trying to load a 90 inch light on the back of a truck, manual with no whinch but by the fifties its possible whinches were used. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?7056-Anti-aircraft-Searchlight-LicenceRegards Tim
  11. Yup, looks good and yes i would like it, .........thing with small items like that is on manufacture it would probably be a percentage check of production with only some being marked. Things like weapon componants etc would be gauged and inspected at all stages and marked but not required for a padlock as long as it worked.1941 was also a period of desperate shortages so it was more important i would suggest to get the kit then be too anal about stuff, even weapons were being econamised for want of a better term.Regards Tim
  12. Bit harsh to call Zeke a merauder.......hes only trying to help.
  13. Always found the tracked steering to be very light when comming over the hump, a very light touch is required. The worst EVER was the CAT 621 scraper. The army low loaders needed timber baulks at the swan neck so the nose of the scraper cleared and the vehicle would fit. Felt like you were hundreds of feet high in the cab! Much preffered a "normal" load up.Tim
  14. EAU DE NIL is a tad more greeny than the engine colour, its the colour used inside the body of the landrover ambulances.Regards Tim
  15. We used a Ford Cargo box body for a while to shift stores around etc, brand new off the shelf with no particular mods as i recall , an SMG fitted into the glove box particularly well .Do any of you recall the bloody awfull attempt to "civililianise" the MOD issue vehicles? I recall seeing a bronze metallic bedford 4 tonner with a blue coloured canvas , an equally hideous yellow tipper truck, and a purple 8 wheeled foden truck. Apart from the bronze colour i presume the rest were produced from the gloss available from stores, blue , red, yellow, white. Understandably when offered one we "polit
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