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Trucks registered now


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okay i have registered my two urals and two star 660's, get number plates tomorrow and will go roading them out and about. just to make sure everything is running fine...got to fit my reversing cameras to them all...dont like driving these things without that...the zils have a back window and its easy to see out the back, not the ones with a rudy great box on the back...


anyway will take a trip to the house in one of the urals tomorrow to see how she shakes down...will be fun...ooh hope it doesn't rain, not going to drive them in the rain.

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the DVLA seem to genuinely want these trucks kept alive, i am sure they are not really trying to stop us having our fun...and these machines are very nice indeed.





Are you able to tell us what you registered them as? Have you got the Ural 4320 and if so, what did you register that as? I'm interested in how you went about it, have you MOT'd them all or are they exempt?


I see RM has got a nice Zil for sale, but at £10,000 it will have to stay out of my stable!!:wow:

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hi PM me if you want full details.


it isn't at all difficult but be wary of this comment from the inspector,' the military collectors are always unhelpful..' the problem may be us not them...


I just say be honest and straight and you will have no problems.


Zils are fetching good money but you can still buy a good one for less than 5k, delivered to the UK...registration is all about what you want to use them for...the MOT is a pain as they want to stick all sorts of bits on them so you have to pick your options regarding use very carefully......ask me if you really want to have a zil 131...i have four and would love more they are superb machines..and i am off to get a few more toys this month so if anyone wants anything let me know....


I spoke to VOSA and the DVLA and got stuff in writing, even though they say that what they say may not be legal, i cannot imagine a court saying to me, VOSA didnt know and what they told you was a lie so you mister are in trouble....just cant see it...so i do as i am told and here we are with four trucks registered.


They are 375 d's petrol...I am going to buy a couple more and fit cummins diesels to them...need a c series 210 or more and they will be a very good working truck then...will use that in the woods if i ever get there...so many projects and not enough hands

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there are a lot of proviso's, width is an issue, and so too are many other issues...for instance on some of the trucks there is a panel that juts out that takes it 20 mm over the width limit...it is permanently fixed to the vehicle and needs to be taken into account, if you remove it job done...you do have to consider the issues...and talking to VOSA is part of that.


I hope the review will remove the majority of the impositions taken over the registering military vehicles...we know they are outside of some specs but as long as they are not working trucks/vehicles they should be exempt most of the regs...my opinion anyway...

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