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How many aero screen Morris CS8 left??


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I wonder if anyone has a rough figure for early CS8 numbers in existance worldwide? Obviously this would be made up of museum examples, ones under resto and running. I realise we could get an idea of who's got what, what we know of etc, but i just wondered if anyone had a rough figure...

The number actually running and driving around would be interesting?

I don't know the manufacturer's figures. I think there were 21,000 15 cwt built but I'm not sure if this is right. A breakdown of figures across the types would be interesting. Is there anywhere i can search for these details?




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I get the impression there are more in Oz than in Europe.


I think you would be surprised how many there are in Europe - I do know that there were a good number that ended up in Australia and the like but not too many enthusiasts out there to look after them - Ask Mike Kelly .

There are a good number of members that have the CS8's on here such as Myself , Simon and Jules and more appear to be popping up all the time (see the thread on the one outside the school in the old eastern block) - It would be good to know exactly how many there are and in what configuration i.e. G.S , OFFICE , COMPRESSOR , W.T Etc .


I know that there are publications which do show contract details with numbers of how many of which type were ordered on what contract number etc but don't know how many have survived the ravages of time ??:coffee:

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