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  1. When was this photo taken ? Is it the same truck ? I remember it being parked up on the farm for many years before moving to the garage where it is now and have never seen it that complete If it is the same truck it makes it even more of a shame when you look at it now Would still give it stable room even now tbh
  2. Was that the same fella John Rowell who owned the only original Humber ambulance too Richard ? Also know of the one you speak of in Australia I think there was one or two Guy Snts our there at one point Speaking of Ants has anyone seen the tin top Ant lately that originally was a wireless but restored as a GS ?
  3. There’s hardly any material relating to them Even in the archives and IWM Believe me I’ve looked It just seems strange that they put a lot of effort into winning the 1935 trials and all for what ? So Britain’s could make more beetles than Commer did !?
  4. I’m pretty sure when I first saw this it still had the rear body on it but no seats It was just a std wooden body over the years I’ve seen a few Quads in various guises and I’ve a few mates that have had them or still have them including an FAT does anyone remember the Quad Ant FAT that used to go to the shows on the back of a converted fire engine ? there’s the tow truck in Cumbria that used to belong to a friend and there was a quad ant in the grange Caberns museum and con baton combat collection
  5. As far as I could find out it was Commer that withdrew as it wanted to concentrate on the armoured cars elsewhere in the rooted group and believe Guy helped this by giving over designs from its own armoured car with welded hull The trucks it was making for the raf were more or less civvi models anyway so easy to produce
  6. Both of these vehicles are Commer Beetle lorries The too is the prototype and the bottom possibly one of the 401 ordered by the army when the Commer won the title of approved 15 cwt army lorry which due to Commer withdrawing the beetle from production I think Britain’s made more beetle lorries than Commer did !! Just one so far survives ...
  7. The Top pic is the Guy Ant prototype submitted for the trials Never seen pics of any of these in service and the bottom pic is the Commer Beetle after field mods to fit a bigger radiator and nose Later dropped for other trials and production vehicles and often confused with the Bedford MW
  8. Hi Radek , This is the post trials production model of the Guy Ant 4x2 G.S truck I believe that only one survivor of this very early Guy from 1936/7 survives The reason being this truck had all the early bits incl Square fuel tanks and trays , later ones were round , it has the early axles and pre war Circlip type wheels and the bodywork had all manner of fluting in the panels to strengthen it which was later dropped
  9. It is definitely a Guy Ant Quad or Quad Ant as you say They are not rarer however than the 4x2 Guy Ants which everybody hated both in service and out of service as they were painfully slow quite under powered and uncomfortable to drive and I believe more Quad Anys survives due to being 4x4 as they had the same meadows marine engine and were also very slow but they were of a wider track Had bigger wheels and could go anywhere almost So a lot found there way into garage breakdown trucks especially in areas where winter roads were a problem Also many were used on farms this one is a G.S version which may have towed a six pounder Haven’t had chance to revisit my production cards from Guy Motors to see if was one of the FATs Guy converted to 6 per anti tank gun tractors As far as I can remember all Quad Ants wore H census numbers This really needs saving so it can at least be a source of spares to save others or maybe still be restored in its own rights and we’d certainly be interested but as I’ve already said tried to buy it several times over many years but could never get a response or price from any owner which is a real shame ...
  10. Hi Kevin Ive known this truck for a very long time and have visited it over many years and each time tried to buy it but could never even get a price it was originally in John Shepard’s scrap yard near ripon then along with a Karrier k6 with steel body and k9 radio truck moved to a farm I think the Karrier at one point had been used to pick up stone for the building work I think the chap who owned this place worked at Shepard’s at one point I know the guy was protected by a load of timber back then but the Karrier suffered badly and the stone it once carried fell through the floor of the body Don’t know what happened to that or the k9 but the Guy moved as something went on at the farm to a local garage that did transits I’d still like to save this along with my other Ants but have tried and nothing
  11. Great Job Jeremy , The trucks looking great ! Well done ! Looking at your Jack extension block - Do you know anyone who has a spare as I need one and also a cranking handle and Petrol Dip Stick for an Early MWD? Cheers Glynn
  12. Hi , Very Nice Guy Quad Ant and very complete and original by the looks of it - There are generally two positions for the Speedometer on the Guy Ant Trucks - One is on the main central flat panel where other gauges exist or another is to the left of the steering wheel in a small box as per Tobins picture - Didn't understand totally why they did this as you can barely see it whilst driving really ? I love the truck as it doesn't look as if anyone has messed with it since the war which is a rare find these days !! Restore or preserve The truck is great !! Rgds Glynn
  13. Cracking footage of a rare truck indeed as there's not much info out there about them to be fair so it's always good when new pics or footage emerge esp when there is only one truck left out of the 401 made by commer over 70 years ago !
  14. Hi Mate Just to put your mind at rest my 1940 Cs8 A/T is painted Service Brown and I have a very original 1939 Morris CS8 GS which is still in its original service brown too So not all CS8's are shiny green Hope this helps
  15. Hi does anyone know or can anyone point me in the right direction to finding at least one Lucas Type L206 sidelight unit complete but preferably a pair they are of all brass construction with a frosted glass lens approx. 3" o.d and 21/2" deep - They are smaller than the later rc330 types used on Morris Commercials etc . I am also looking for parts for Lucas Model 135 headlights = Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Rgds Glynn
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