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fv432 base repair info

Dougy FV432

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Hi all,


I have been asked by Gary who has contacted me through my fv432 website. On his data plate it has marked on it that it had a CL1 type repair in 1988. Can anyone shed some light on what this would have entailed and where the workshop was/is. And what is a mk2 "type B" ?




Just out of curiosity, neither my 432 or my lightweigt seem to have had a data plate, is this common?


Thanks in advance for any help and info





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Everything should have a dataplate. In your Lightweight it should be on the side of the seat box. The one in this FV432 is not the original. The original should have the FV432 bit cast in to it, it should also be aluminium. This is a replacement, but could have been fitted during service. Hopefully someone will know where 37RW is. (Should it be BW?)


I had 08EA79 and this was a Mk 2 Type A. See photo.



432 and Track 019..jpg

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Hi All,


Thanks for the info, I will pass it on. Has anyone got any more info on the type of repair CL1? or the "type"


Neither my lightweight or 432 ever showed any signs of data plates, and i had them both direct (as possible) from the MOD. I know it seems my lightweight was a bit of an oddball, with some holes in weird places, but the seat box shows no signs of holes for a plate, or where it had been.





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