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hi from colorado

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whats going on, down there in the lowlands?

testing one two three.

ok one more time.

i'm en electrician by trade, have been in the hoby for 20+ years. and I usually hang out on the ww2dodge forum.

I also like to tinker with wikipedia, but I'm not a tech. writer . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Brian_in_denver

my first resoration was a 37mm. towed gun, currently I have a WC-4 I'm trying to get rid of.

I know a few things about signal corps stuff, if you need any help in that area.


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Hi Brian,

welcome - i get over to Colorado irregulary on business. Up at Fort Collins there's a Jeep dealer who took me around his yard. No WW2 stuff as he says it gets sold whilst still in the loader - no surprise.

Big buddy of mine there is Brian O'Meara - he has a ford dealership in Denver - not surprisingly called O'Meara Ford!

well hope you find us all useful



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