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What are these used for?

Meteor mark 4B

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Just that! Carrying things they're Carrying frames

The British version of the US packboard

Came in late war / end of the war


CARRIER, GS. (General Service) used through the Fifties,sixties & seventies. Used to carry, a radio set,(A41 before it got it's dedicated carrier) two of the wooden ammo boxes with the top folding handles. A water jerrycan, & just about anything you needed to 'Manpack' about! Quiet a few survive & are around £10-£15 quid a pop.

There are photos around showing thier usage in British Service. :-)

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I was sure there was something very similar for mounting a UK/PRC352 on, but we only had a couple (of 352s) in the regiment, they stayed permanently locked in my RSO Signals Store and only after I left did the radio fit for CVR(T) change from 2 times UK/VRC353 to 1 times 353 and 1 times 351/2.


Probably wrong - I usually am.

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