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Where are the german range wrecks?


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Are you sure of these designations? possible the Lee/Grants were M7B2 priest SPH. The Fallingbostel Grant, I am fairly sure is the M4A1 75mm -ex MADP rebuild from the Netherlands, of course I am quite happy to be prooved wrong;).

The M3 I think I saw in fallingbostel looked in need of some cosmetic TLC and had a fully restored american halftrack for company which I saw being driven about.

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The two M3 reported in the siding area near Falingbostel are possibly these two M7B2 which were photographed by an armour enthusiast in the Falingbostel REME at or about the time in question (early 1990s) after removal from a range they were parked on a side road and were to be sent to a well known private yard in UK about 1995-6.


I am certain my contacts in the Falingbostel REME would have mentioned an M3 or derivative such as an M31 in their camp or surounding area, most enthusiasts get very excited if they find an M3 in Europe. As I said before if anyone has photos or knows where the M3s went I will be happy to be wrong.:-)


The final 2 photos of M7B2 are from an earlier example of an ex German range M7B2 which was returned to the UK in the 1980s I believe it eventually went to USA and are included as it gives some details of the extended gun mount.






M7B2 1..jpg

M7B2 4..jpg

M7B2 3..jpg

M7B2 2..jpg

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incidentally the pics and article came from dave whitehouse,i served with sgt dave whitehouse at 29 regt rlc lad in 96 , i wonder if it's the same guy.







I am sure that is the same Dave. Not seen him for some years, but we did used to meet up as he has had a few MV's in the past.

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ref the kirkcudbright comet ,if you look on the surviving comets web site there's a pic of one on kirkcudbright ,call it a hunch but the training area on the hartziel pic looks like kirkcudbright.

have a look and see what you think.



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Photos firstly a very blured photo of the M3 at Smith Barracks Baumholder- photo via museum

staff taken with a polaroid hence the poor resolution, as far as I am aware it was the only M3 in Germany in the 1990s


The second photo is the M4A1 mentioned previously at Fallingbostel in the early 1990s special thanks to dave? the photographer - no doubt in breach of MOD PR department.




Piece of useless information Steve:

The Sherman photographed at Lumsden Bks entrance , Fallingbostel, was a fairwell present for the outgoing CO Lt Col Hammerbeck. Nomad was the name on his Challenger 1 & the number was his Regt number.




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