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CVRT Sultan bodyshell weight


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Hello, for those who might be interested I have just scrapped my Sultan bodyshell.


Total weight of the completely bare shell, no doors, no glacis, empty, is 2300kg. I cut it in half using a 9" angle grinder and stone (metal cutting discs only work with steel) cutting discs. Took about 15 discs and 3-4 hours, much quicker than I expected.


Price obtained was about £1600.


Look to be worth more as scrap than as runners? Now for a CET? Prehaps not.


I am puzzled, the fighting weight is just under 9 tonnes, so where do the other 6700kg go? The engine, tracks, gearbox, wheels, final drives can only be 1/2 tonne each, making 3 tonnes, so still 3700kg adrift.



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