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Handbook / Manual / Parts Landrover Ambulance 109


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Does anyone know if there is a UK Manual or parts book or anything like that for the Series II / III Landrover Ambulance?

I could only find pdf files for the LHD SIII Ambulance (Echolons) in the Dutch language.

Is there anything in English out there?




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Finn, these are User Handbooks that I know of. Don't get too excited it is the normal 3/4 Ton UHB with an ambulance supplement:


Army Code No.20906 Ambulance, 2/4 Stretcher, 4x4, Rover 9

Army Code No.22153 Ambulance, 2/4 Stretcher, 4x4, Rover 11



Modifications, Data Summaries etc EMER WHEELED VEHICLES:


Q 020/7 - Q 029/7 Ambulance, 2/4 Stretcher, 4x4, Rover 7

Q 020/2 - Q 029/2 Ambulance, 2/4 Stretcher, 4x4, Rover 9 & 11

(The suffixes may seem non-chronologic, but 3/4 Ton Ambulance EMERS were redesignated from /7 to /2 in 1969)


Most of the EMERs & Parts Catalogues are common with the equivalent publication for the 3/4 Ton Truck but there are some ambulance specific ones:


Army Code No.20929 Parts List, Parts Peculiar Only, Ambulance 3/4 Ton Rover 9

Army Code No.22108 ISPL for Body, Ambulance, 2/4 Stretcher, 4x4, Rover 9 & 11



Complete Equipment Schedule:


Army Code No.33572 CES. Ambulance, 4x4 Rover 7, 9, 11 & Series III

see: http://www.hmvf.co.uk/pdf/AC33572.pdf



Equipment Table Scale


Scale 01202

see: http://www.hmvf.co.uk/pdf/ETS01202.pdf

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Do you also know where I could obtain these?


Finn, I was afraid you were going to ask that! This is where people will no longer speak to me. I have to confess I have all of these documents. I don't mind copying the odd page if there is something you are stuck on, but I don't have the time to spend scanning.


The trouble is I have over 4,000 British Army technical documents & understandably there is a lot of stuff that on a regular basis people would like me to copy but I simply don't have the time.


There are a few companies that reproduce documents but for their efforts they want to sell a significant number. These sort of ambulance documents are not going to sell in huge numbers even assuming they are aware they exist let alone posess them.


There would most certainly be the EMERs at the REME Museum & they may have some of the others. Places like Brooklands mainly have civilian books. I know they have the LightWeight UHB reprinted but I think there is a chunk of stuff missing in that even. So I don't think they would even know want an EMER was.


I do try to share the info as & when I can. I hope you found the two links to the Ambulance CES & ETS on HMVF. But ask the REME Museum they are your best hope:



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Brookland only has the Lightweigt and 101 books..

Noting Ambulance related.

I will mail the REME Museum.

Thanks for all your efforts so far.. this is more then I have hoped for!

I downloaded the pdf from your links.




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I've never seen a S3 one but I do have the UHB for Rover 9 & Rover 11. They are not much different so I expect the S3 UHB just contains the many mods that were gradually applied to Rover 11.


These UHBs are a disappointment because they are the standard 88 & 109 UHB with an ambulance supplement. Anyway I have spent over 3 hours this morning locating, scanning & sizing the images into a pdf for the Rover 11. I know it shouldn't take that time but I am not geared up as a professional copying outfit.


I have sent the pdf to Lee to put it in the section with the other Rover Ambulance related pdfs. I'm afraid I have watermarked a few pages & put some characteristic identifiers. There are sites that are now selling some of my pdfs when they are posted here intended for free exchange of information >:(

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